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'Jim Zorn Show': Zorn Adjusts to Play-Calling Setup


This Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons marks the second time that offensive consultant Sherman Lewis will serve as the Redskins' primary offensive play caller.

Lewis was installed as the play-caller prior to the Redskins-Eagles game on Oct. 26, replacing head coach Jim Zorn.

Zorn said a comfort level has to develop between himself, Lewis and offensive coordinator Sherman Smith as they work together during games.

"It'll always be a frustration for me because I feel like I was brought here to [call plays]," Zorn said. "And yet, we're working through that. I think things will get better as we go along here.

"I still have a leadership role on this football team and I have a responsibility role on this football team...I have to make this work and make it the best it can be for the Washington Redskins.

"We have got to get on track and it's just imperative that I help lead us to do what's right, not necessarily what I want to do. That's the issue--doing what's right."

Zorn discussed the new play calling setup during his weekly appearance on "The Jim Zorn Show," which airs on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC-WRC 4. The show is hosted by Den Hellie and Larry Weisman.

Zorn also continued to express confidence in quarterback Jason Campbell despite benching him for a half in Week 6 vs. Kansas City.

"Jason is the talent that we have that we're sure we can win football games with," Zorn said. "We haven't done that, but I would say that Jason is still in a mode of progressing and learning. I don't have any lack of confidence in him--that's why I'm playing him.

"I thought a couple of games ago he had a shaky half, so I took him out. Todd Collins did a great job coming in with no reps and moving our team and getting scores. But right now I'm not wavering on the starting quarterback on this team."

Campbell has completed 136-of-206 passes for 1,481 yards, eight touchdowns and seven interceptions. His QB rating is 85.6.

Pass protection has been a problem. Campbell has been sacked 20 times this season.

This week's edition of "The Jim Zorn Show" also includes a Redskins Legacy segment on Hall of Famer George Preston Marshall and a chalk talk session by Zorn on the wide receiver reverse.

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