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'Jim Zorn Show': Zorn Looks At the Lions


The Detroit Lions have lost 19 consecutive games, but for the Redskins' purposes that streak is irrelevant.

It doesn't mean anything to Redskins head coach Jim Zorn.

As the Redskins prepare for Sunday's game at Ford Field, Zorn maintains that the Lions are establishing a winning foundation.

"They play hard," he said. "They just haven't found the rhythm to put it all together yet."

The Lions have not won a regular season game since Dec. 23, 2007. Further, the franchise's record is 1-25 dating back to Nov. 11, 2007.

"We don't even worry about their record," Zorn said. "We're just concerned about who they are, how they play, and what we can do to compete against them."

Zorn offered his scouting report of the Lions during his weekly appearance on "The Jim Zorn Show," airing on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC-WRC 4. The show is hosted by Den Hellie and Larry Weisman.

Zorn also praised Jason Campbell for his performance early this season and said his mobility has helped the offense move the ball downfield.

"He has stood strong in the pocket and he has been very accurate," Zorn said. "The combination of the pass protection, his reads and his tenacity has given us a chance to move the ball.

"We had 13-play and 14-play drive, and it was because of that young man scrambling. He used his wheels. It got us some critical first downs."

As for the offense's red zone struggles, Zorn said: "It's not a force field. We just have to make plays. We have to throw, catch, run block, call the right plays--all the things that are involved. It's going to happen. It's only a frustration. It's not a mind-boggling situation."

This week's edition of "The Jim Zorn Show" also includes a Redskins Legacy feature on Charley Taylor and a chalk talk session on running the post pattern.

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