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Jim Zorn Sunday Press Conference

On Jason Campbell's performance against Pittsburgh:

"I heard him say it last night that he wishes he had thrown the first pass further. We always teach that the receiver picks his angle and you've got to throw it to the receiver. I liked the effort, I'd like more accuracy. The only throw that I thought was poor was the high throw to Santana Moss for the first down. He should have just pulled that ball down and we should have gotten an easy completion. But he'll see what the problem is. He made good decisions on the screens to throw them away because one time the defensive lineman grabbed our back, another time they just smelled it out and we couldn't get it. That was really about it. I try to look and see, 1 of 7 and all that kind of stuff, but again I thought Jason did a nice job getting us into the right play. He had several good audibles and I just got to give him more time. So this week, we're going to give him more time."

On why the deep throws were unsuccessful:

"We really want that ball completed, especially on the post. On the go route he threw to Santana [Moss] he read Santana going outside, Santana actually came back inside. We got to communicate better, that's all. It wasn't anything about the throw."

On Fred Davis missing a route:

"Fred turned inside, didn't think anybody was inside, so he kept going. So [Jason Campbell] tried to throw it to where he was going, and then Fred stopped. There was miscommunication on what each guy was going to do."

On if Malcolm Kelly starting the game indicates him gaining the edge on Devin Thomas:

"I just wanted him to run that post. Just put him out there to run that post on the first play."

On the improvements from last week's game:

"A week ago it felt like we were just running plays, it was like a practice. We didn't game plan much. We game planned a little bit more for yesterday's game. Our guys were much more intent on improving because they could see what was going on on video and they showed much more enthusiasm on playing, they understood some of the moments of the game, the fourth down, the third downs. We sort of rose up to some of those situations and I thought brought more success to our offense. And even our defense. We put much more pressure on the quarterback, forced the quarterback to run more. Now they made plays, but at least we're flushing our quarterbacks out of the pocket."

On the late hit penalty flag thrown against DeAngelo Hall:

"I just think that the guy had to throw it. I looked at it, and DeAngelo just leaned into him but he actually pulled off of him, he didn't just wallop him or anything like that. I thought that it was something that we have to learn and the officials have to take care of the safety of the players on these late hits, especially when the ball was totally uncatchable. I thought DeAngelo just probably crossed the line a little bit too much, but tried to pull off at the last second and I think the guy had to throw the flag. It was unfortunate."

On Mike Sellers' and Ladell Betts' injury status:

"Basically what I know is that Sellers' knee is going to be fine. He actually got hit by his own lineman when they hit the ground, and his leg turned over and he kind of hit him on the inside of his leg. Ladell has just got a pulled oblique muscle in his back."

On Chris Samuels:

"He did great. His knee was sore coming into the game. There was some question as far as whether he felt like he could go and he and our trainers worked together to put it all together and he had a good 20 plays."

On managing Chris Samuels' injury during the season:

"I think the training camp takes its toll and then once we get into the season where you're playing on it once a week and the practices are not as physical, they're more technical, I think that will really help him."

On if the first team offense scoring a touchdown next week matters:

"It matters. It mattered this week. To be down there on the two-yard line after driving that far, a 14-15 play drive, excellent drive, exactly what we're looking for, but we're looking to finish. We had our chances on that drive too, when we went back to look at it you just go, 'oh, if only.' So there were a couple things in there blocking that we can improve on. And we'll get it in."

On Jason Campbell's psyche:

"I think once he sees what happened I think his psyche should be pretty good. Now, he's got challenges ahead of him for completing the pass when it's there and things like that, but that's part of what we're doing here in our preseason. Trying to get him warmed up so he's perfect."

On Mike Williams and Anthony Aldridge:

"Mike Williams is on his way, he got that sprained ankle. If fact, he was out there on the field the first half and we took him off to get him another treatment. More ice on his ankle trying to get him ready. Hopefully he'll have a chance to prepare for New England. And then Aldridge is coming right along. I can't tell you when he's going to be back, but he's progressing very well with his foot."

On the young players stepping up and fighting for a roster spot:

"I thought that Marko Mitchell did a great job catching the ball, being aware, and picking his game up on the field. I thought Kevin Barnes tightened his coverage. He made a real nice play, an individual effort. Brian Orakpo was kind of all over the place, he's doing a great job. He actually showed in the secondary that he was able to move around a little bit too. I really liked what Chase Daniel did with his time in there. He proved that he can scrap and complete passes. He was accurate. He had a great scramble for a first down. Jeremy Jarmon played well. He was running around and really showed his acceleration and got a couple hits on the quarterback. And then even our younger players, the guys that have been here before really starting to rise up a little bit. Chris Wilson did a nice job, getting a nice sack. We're on our way. I thought we improved ourselves overall, and it was kind of fun to see the younger guys enjoy the play. My call to them though is to continue to work on finishing the play. We had a lot of guys really having fun out there, but some of the finishes were not up to par, not up to the NFL standard that we're looking for."

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