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Jim Zorn Sunday Press Conference

On Saturday night's victory over the Buffalo Bills:

"I was excited we won again. I think we are a try-hard group. I think our defense swarmed, holding [the Bills] to less than three yards a rush. On offense we executed some things very well. We didn't execute enough to be consistent, to sustain our drives and score more."

On the play of the second-string offensive line:
"They were great. I think they took a lot of pride in that last drive. They really came off the ball and established an opportunity for the running back to find a seam to run the ball."

On running back Marcus Mason's fumble on the opening kick off:
"I think it is a major issue not only with us, but with him. To put the ball back in their hands at the beginning of the game, you can see how important it is to have a fast start. We got the toss and we were looking to put our offense on the field. To have to play defense, that was a difficult task. That is something we have to address with him, yet he made up for it by having another outstanding outing. He did well."

On the possibility of safety LaRon Landry and wide receiver Devin Thomas returning from injuries:
"LaRon just needs to take some reps and he will be ready. Devin I am anxious to get back so he can go through what it is like to be disciplined, what it is like to run routes at the right depth and catch the ball. I am anxious to have him learn what it is to play at this speed."

On cornerback Shawn Springs starting last night's game at safety:
"We did that early in OTA's and that is part of his responsibility, especially in the red zone, is to be inside and work some of those safety issues. I think he has a good presence. I wish he would have got that pick last night, which would have stopped the drive. For us to be able to have some flexibility at safety is a plus."

On the play of linebackers Alfred Fincher and Rian Wallace:
"I have been impressed by the fact that (Alfred) Fincher has stepped in and made plays. He has helped on special teams as well. (Rian) Wallace had to overcome the hand injury and he did that. I think these guys are starting to understand what it is like to be out there playing with bumps and bruises."

On the play of quarterback Jason Campbell:
"Jason Campbell played consistently. The thing that I was really impressed with Jason last night was that he had two pocket scrambles where he scrambled in the pocket and bought time and threw the ball very accurately. Those are the things I am looking for. He made a couple of plays that were big league plays."

On injuries to receivers Antwaan Randle El and Anthony Mix:
"I think Antwaan will practice. Anthony Mix, he may have a problem with his ribs. I haven't gotten the final on whether the x-rays showed anything or not. It might just be cartilage, but he is going to be sore."

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