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Jim Zorn Sunday Press Conference

On linebacker/defensive end Jason Taylor: "Jason Taylor's knee is sprained. It looks like there is no ligament damage. He could be out for 10 days or as much as two weeks. We are just waiting to see what type of a heeler he is going to be."

On whether linebacker/defensive end Jason Taylor will play against the New York Giants: "I am not ruling him out of the opener. It will have to be based on how he improves, but he definitely will not play next game [against the Jaguars]."

On how the offense played against the Panthers: "On offense, there are a lot of words that I think we can use. One is, I think we were very soft in our pass protection. In our run game, we had a lack of sustaining one-on-one blocks. We did not sustain a block and that hurt our run game some. To me it was the pass protection, it was the way Carolina played man coverage, very good tight man coverage. We had to have good protection so our quarterbacks could hone in and focus on the tight man coverage. We didn't do that and we didn't get [that protection]. On the first four passes that Jason [Campbell] threw, he had somebody walked back into him or had somebody in his face. It is very difficult to play quarterback from that position."

On whether he was surprised by the team's performance: "I thought our preparation [leading into this game] was excellent. That is why I am so surprised by the output. We prepared very well. We had one of the best practices of all of camp on Wednesday. I was a bit surprised at how it came out."

On how he will address the team: "[I will] be honest and show the video. These players have a lot of pride in what they do. They will look at it and we will all be honest about it. We will regroup, I have no doubt about that. This is a good group. They will take the opportunity to correct; they will take the opportunity to reestablish themselves."

On the play of the defense: "We put our defense in a real tough situation. I am sure I am going to look [at the tape] and not like some of the things our defense did, but as little as we were doing on offense, they kept us in the game."

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