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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

August 3, 2009 Redskins Park


On Albert Haynesworth:"I think he started out really well. I think he is just continuing to show that he is going to be a force definitely on our team and probably in this league. We're just trying to keep his knee, which is sore from all the work we've been doing, good enough so we don't have to shut him down completely for more than a day or two. I am absolutely pleased with where he is right now."

On if it is a concern that Haynesworth had a shot in training camp:
"He has had this before. This is something that we did from the start when we got here, right when we started training camp. It could've been done before but he hasn't been around and it is something that is very normal."

On if he would consider Haynesworth's knee a long-term concern:
"No, not at all."

On Haynesworth not playing in 16 games since he was a rookie:
"It is a concern, but I wouldn't single him out. I just think that the durability is something that this is a violent game and you just never know. What I like about a football player is that he goes hard until he can't go anymore. That is what we expect. I think that's what a ball player expects of himself. 'I'm going to go hard and I'm going to give everything I've got until I can't do it. I fully expect him to go as much as he can. He isn't going to play 70 plays a game, he is going to play a percentage. Some of that will be due to the situation, partly on how he feels and partly the rotation we have to keep to keep him fresh. He is 340 pounds and to be able to go hard is difficult, as hard as they have to go to win on defense every play, the rotation is what we are looking for."

On if it is realistic for Haynesworth to play all 16 games:
"The wear and tear. One of the reason you get these injections, I've had them myself, in a training camp this is a great little product because it is like a brace, it is like a cushion. It gets you through two-a-days basically; it doesn't stay in there forever. It helps cushion your knee if you have any abrasions or any kind of grinding going on, it cushions that, it gets you through. During the season, the battle is on Sunday but we're not hitting during the week like we are now we're hitting every day. It takes its toll."

On Carlos Rogers:
"We're waiting to see if his calf continues to improve. It is still tight and he is still down. I can't express the amount of days. But he is just not well yet."

On Roydell Williams:
"He got surgery on his little finger. They had to put a plate in there, it was fractured enough to have to put a plate in there. So, we will see in the weeks we need to get him back."

On Eddie Williams' knee injury:
"There were four or five other guys who have had this procedure so they're able to practice and he will as well as we go through here."

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