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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On Sunday morning practice:

"I thought today was an excellent practice because it was a skills practice. We had a lot of drill work. We threw to linebackers, defensive backs, just trying to get the idea of quarterback ball speed and interceptions. It worked out great. We got a lot of things done."

On whether the heat had an effect on the short morning practice:

"The weather had nothing to do with it. It was planned. Just based on the scrimmage yesterday, I think it's hard to come back out here in pads for all the guys who really had to hit and run. This is a great opportunity for us to work on technique and a great opportunity for us to get the bigger guys a blow, so that this afternoon we can go hard. Now, we'll be in shells this afternoon, but we'll have a pretty rigorous practice."

On what he thought after watching the film of Saturday's scrimmage:

"I think, for the most part, both sides had some real positive things. Our offense moved the ball on both defenses. I thought they kept us out of the end zone at times on drives, and then we got it in. I didn't run the ball very much, but we ended up averaging 4.3 yards per carry so we had some long runs. We saw some good individual effort and some opportunities to get better. We're going to use that film as a real learning tool that will take us into these preseason games."

On cornerback Justin Tryon's improvement:

"I think he improved all throughout last season. He got better towards the end of last year and then I think he really prepared well this offseason. He's having an excellent camp – you saw the interception he had yesterday, which was a great play. He read the receiver well and he broke on the ball. He's going to factor in this year to some playing time. It may not be at that starting corner position, but if one of our corners goes down he's going to have an opportunity to play."

On cornerback Justin Tryon's adjustment period since he was drafted:

"Each guy has a little bit different learning curve. We asked him to do some things last year that he may not have been ready for. We asked him to play corner, we asked him to play on both sides, we asked him to play nickel, we asked him to play special teams, and so he had a lot of things that were on his mind. Some of these guys, when they come in, there are so many things going on that there's a bit of a learning curve. What he did, to say something positive, he really did a nice job this offseason understanding more of what the game is about, that it's more a total package you have to bring. You can't just limit yourself to a specialized, one position, one side game, especially for a corner and especially for his athleticism."

On the lack of opportunity to build chemistry along the offensive line:

"It's a concern and we're trying to do that as we go along, but we've got to have guys that can actually go out there and practice. We've got several guys down, at no fault of their own, it's just that these things happen. It's something that, it's not that it's on hold, it's just not developed the way we've wanted it to develop yet."

On guard Derrick Dockery:

"I think it's been great for Derrick to be here. He's really improving as he's going along; yesterday he had some really good plays where he stoned some guys. He's a work in progress. I'm very excited about how he's improving and how he's going to fit in.

On center Casey Rabach:

"He's an extremely tough human being. He doesn't feel pain like everybody else, but he works through it. He's really in charge out there, he's very intelligent. I think Buges {Joe Bugel} relies on him a lot to take care of a lot of the communication that goes on the line of scrimmage. And he's willing to work every single day, injury or not. I should say sore or not. He's got some battle wounds and he just keeps playing through them."

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall:

"He's just a super athlete. He's enjoying the scheme. I just like the way he plays because he plays with tremendous confidence and he's trying to play within the scheme. He listens to Jerry Gray, he really communicates well, and he's a guy that's a good teammate to the players around him. I think he's trying to prepare for a great football season. A Pro Bowl type of season for himself, and yet he's playing within our team concept. He's doing great."

On the kicking competition:

"We've had kickers in and we've allowed them to kick, but this is a true competition so we're going to probably kick them both in every game. I want them to both think about the entire game that they could actually have that shot to kick a critical field goal, a long field goal, an extra point that seems easy, but takes tremendous concentration and technique as well. There are so many things to the kicking game. I was just talking to our players about that, and it includes the kickers, to strike the ball well to give our coverage team a chance to have the great rhythm to kick that field goal. We want the opportunity for both these guys to contribute each game."

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