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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On the injured offensive linemen:
"Reuben Riley probably won't play because of his ankle, Jeremy Bridges is trying to make it back but he's got to get some reps if he's going to play. So there are a few guys like that who are nicked up that you may not see, but everybody else is going to be ready to go."

On the first team offensive line being ready to play:
"Whatever the first team line is will be ready to go. I think Chris Samuels will start and Casey Rabach will start. Randy [Thomas] is trying to work back off his knee and I'm considering resting him for another week, but it's hard to keep that guy out. We talked to each other and he just wants to go, but I may keep him out. He will be a question mark. Stephon [Heyer] will go."

On if Clinton Portis will play:"Clinton will be doubtful for the first game for sure. He will play this preseason though. The thing about him is that he'll be ready to go. If I put him in he'll go in. He'll give you his best effort. I'm not concerned about how much he plays or doesn't play, especially in this first game."

On Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas:
"Oh I'd love to see them go as many reps as we can get. There will be a revolving receiver group in there, but those guys are going to play often. We threw Devin a lot of balls today, and he was in there taking a lot of reps, getting a good feel for his legs. We missed a couple with him, but when you're out of practice, you can see how he and the quarterback in the offense were off. They'll gel back again. The good thing is that things will come quicker now that he has the confidence in his legs."

On how much Mike Williams will play:
"As much as we can get him out there. He won't play the whole game, I just want to get him in the game and let him get a sense of full speed play, and a sense of how drives take on their own little life. I'm hoping for long developing drives, and we may have a few of them. I hope he's in there for one so he can see what he's going to have to do to maintain that consistency."

On the progression of Colt Brennan and where Chase Daniel stands:
"Right now I don't see clear lines. I see Chase Daniel really improving, I see him performing. Colt Brennan in the last three or four practices has really come on as well. The closer we're getting to these games, the more his concentration level goes up because he knows he's going in. So he's very excited, great competition level there. We'll see, they're going to lay it all out there on Thursday night."

On Jeremy Jarmon's scrimmage performance and outlook:
"I saw a guy that had some explosiveness. He was very good at pass rushing. I think the schemes and just being comfortable in the schemes will come. He showed his talent, and we'll be able to work with his talent. He'll see some playing time in this game. The thing that'll be nice will be the opportunity to rush the passer. He's not going to be 100 percent on the field, we'll have a rotation and I'm not sure what our formula is going to be with him yet."

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