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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On the roster limit of 80 players:

"Well I think it affects the team in two areas: number one is with the quarterbacks. We have four quarterbacks but I like to bring five QBs to camp, not just because of the competition but also because we do service a lot of the drill work that goes on with the offensive side, so with four quarterbacks they have to service more. Their arms get more tired and if anybody went down with a really sore arm and had to rest a couple days that would put extra pressure on the rest of the group. The other reason it's difficult with just 80 guys is because it limits our tight end position. We have four guys and nobody can get injured because it just puts extra stress on the rest of the group. We would also like to be able to evaluate more than just a couple guys. The roster limit is just something we have to deal with."

On working out the quarterbacks:
"My goal is to make sure that they're warm and that they take care of their arms once they get in, so I'm always asking them questions about their arms. Two-a-days really take a toll. Once we get into game planning and stuff like that there is never a lingering problem because there is only one practice a day. Having two practices a day puts a lot of strain on a QB."

On Jason Taylor:
"He is going to major on [the right side of the defense]. The thing that has impressed me the most about him is his ability to jump right in. We were going to bring him in slow, but he's taking his reps. He's enjoying it. I think he's picking it up very quickly. He's trying to get himself mentally up to speed with all of the new terminology and concepts. He's a real pro and he's going at it hard."

On tempo being a daily mantra:
"When the play starts, I don't want to see people watching. Sometimes guys either hesitate or don't quite get what they're supposed to do or where they're supposed to go, but I just want them to do something. I want them to move, hit something, do something. Those are the things that I'm trying to instill. We are still learning and improving."

On recovering after their first day in pads:
"There is stiffness. I think everybody was tired today in some way because we actually had two padded practices yesterday if you think about it. They were going to be sore today anyway but especially because we added an extra padded practice yesterday afternoon. It should be a nice break this afternoon with a special teams practice. I thought they came through it fine. I don't think there was anything that I saw that was negative or in question."

On Demetric Evans:
"One of the things we're trying to do is, if we can rotate defensive linemen with Andre Carter, Jason Taylor, Demetric Evans, and if we can get Erasmus in there, and we can get this rotation, then I think it keeps everyone fresh. Demetric is stepping forward and filling part of that void left by Phillip's injury. I think it's something that we're going to continue to push on our defense."

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