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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On what rallied the team today to have such a strong practice:

"One of the things we have been talking about this week is knowing who you are coming out of the huddle, and where to line up. I think the team at some point has to get fed up with mistakes, which is what I think happened to them today and they rallied. That is a sign of veteran team because they grouped up and started concentrating. It really takes focusing in on every play in order to have a good practice."

On preparing for the Hall of Fame Game which is less than a week away:
"We are trying to build a skeletal game plan, but we still have more work to get done, including another installation tonight. We do not game plan specifically for Indianapolis, as much as we continue to rehearse the things that we do have in."

On whether Todd Collins is struggling to perform in the new offense:
"Todd Collins has some different factors to deal with than the other quarterbacks. He plays with the back-up offensive line against our first defense. He goes up against our first defense more often than any of the other quarterbacks. He also plays with a lot of the younger guys who are still learning. The thing that I love about Todd is that he is very competitive, and wants to do things right. He knows what he is doing, but sometimes it is just not working for him down the field. What you will see is that as he gets into the game with some of the more experienced players, he will have more success."

On Jason Campbell's performance during practice:
"He was very good today because he was making faster decisions and not hesitating when throwing the ball. I am just pushing him to hit everything and to not let the ball hit the ground. He threw a couple of balls at the wrong shoulder, which is what I have to coach him on because if I don't, he will be making vicinity throws, and I want him to be exact. One of the ways to be successful in this game is allowing the receivers to run after the catch, and the only way to do that is if the ball is thrown well."

On his overall thoughts on training camp:
"I think camp has gone well, but I feel that our defense is much further ahead than our offense. We are starting to get some bright spots, but it will take time for the offense to run as well as possible because of its many intricacies and the level of precision required for it to be successful."

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