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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On extra challenges the team is facing in this upcoming game:

"No, we're preparing the way we would against an opponent, trying to be very specific, to build up and rehearse the things that we feel it takes to move the ball on offense and to stop the ball on defense. We're trying to be sound. I'm not trying to create a theme because we've got an admirable opponent in the Jets, a lot of excitement around Brett Farve. We have a big challenge ahead of us."

On quarterback Colt Brennan's low numbers this past game:
"He was less disciplined in his approach to the game. He was moving when he didn't need to move and not moving when he needed to move. Those things cost him. He didn't make throwing errors; he made a couple of non decisions that should have been decisions. He saw it on video and is working on it and he looked much better today."

On how the professionalism of the veteran players helps the team as a whole:
"It really helps, because there are enough problems enough details for the whole season to work on, things that create that low level of irritation because it's not quite right. It doesn't even have to do with the players, it has to do with a script or a way a guy is doing a drill or a misunderstanding on how fast to do a drill. Another thing that helps the veterans and the team out is that we have veteran coaches. They understand what we have to get done so we're all working together towards one direction."

On cornerback Shawn Springs' versatility:
"We're hoping that he'll only play corner, but he does provide versatility if we needed him. He is very adaptable in understanding his position and where he is supposed to be. That's a luxury to have that flexibility, but in our case it's also a necessity at time."

On linebacker Khary Campbell as a defensive player:
"He has really picked it up on defense. I didn't see him at all last year, and this year he is making a statement and an impact."

On watching the special team practices:
"As the QB coach, I was never out there, so now that I'm a head coach I'm trying to learn everything I can about special teams. He [Danny Smith] does a wonderful job. He's very good at paying attention to the kind of details it takes to have a great special teams and just talking about that all the time. We're not just going to try to be in the right spots, when we're there we are doing it with the right techniques with full speed, and he wants to be great. Yesterday we were talking about how we were the leading kick off coverage team last year. You know by how much? Ten inches. If someone let one of the running backs fall forward by a yard, we would have been number two. Those are the types of things that he looks for on our team, and I love that."

On competitions during practice between the players:
"I really like that competition and it makes everyone better. We have them going one versus two a lot, but in those special categories situations we were trying to get the first down there. They were just going through the motions, but they created the intensity by trying to stop the guys. It made the drill very successful today. We got a lot out of it."

On the players having fun and taunting at practice:
"We had our 36th practice today so it can get very monotonous. It is what I called the grind. So, to have those guys lifted up and still have the kind of enthusiasm, you've got to have fun or it really gets boring. The want to to win comes out when that sort of things happen."

On running back Marcus Mason's fumble in the preseason game against Buffalo:
"When we put him out there and he fumbled that ball, I was looking to Danny [Smith], I knew that he was going to have to get back there, and Danny did too. Once our defense stopped them, and they scored a field goal, he was right back out there for the next kick. You've got to get right back in line. Fortunately, it didn't cost us but a field goal. To his credit, he stayed in the game mentally, secured the ball the rest of the game, and really made no physical errors as the game went on. He's right in the mix. There's no question that he has created a very difficult situation. He is what every player is supposed to do; to make it so hard for us to cut them."

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