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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On Devin Thomas:"I guess when he came down off of that long throw he pulled his hamstring. We don't know the extent of it, but he's got a bit of a hamstring pull. After we evaluate it, we can figure out what it means for him as far as getting back out on the field. We'll get it calmed down, get it iced, evaluate it and get the diagnosis. Fortunately it's just a pulled muscle and there's no structural damage, so he'll be back soon."

On running back Ladell Betts:
"I see him playing a lot. I see him complimenting what Clinton [Portis] does. I see us even having the opportunity to use both Clinton and Ladell at times. I look at Ladell and Clinton as good zone runners and excellent pass blockers. They do a really nice job in pass patterns."

On all of the media attention surrounding Jason Taylor:
"It doesn't distract me and I don't think it distracts anyone else either. It's a big thing to have Jason Taylor, a 12-year veteran, come here and become a part of our program. As the initial excitement moves on, we'll all get to work and get going."

On safety LaRon Landry:
"Well, I'm a fortunate man to have LaRon Landry on my side now because he's very versatile. He sort of distorts reads at times because he appears like he's in a position like other DBs, but once he reacts and responds he actually makes up more ground than most other defenders that I've been around. He makes what might be a big play into a batted ball or an interception. He's very skilled."

On veteran receiver Billy McMullen:
"He's good and he's fast. He understands more than one position and that's a real asset. I think the more that he's been in the league the more he understands what it takes to stick.He's competing hard and doing very well."

On rookie receivers Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas:
"We're all impressed with what Malcolm is doing because he's been very mellow. He's not a big voice, but he makes a statement when he's on the field. I think the thing that has really helped both of them is that they've done a really nice job concentrating on one position and their responsibilities and that's really making a difference in how fast they're progressing."

On veteran linebacker London Fletcher:
"What I like about London is that he totally enjoys the game and when he's on the field he is a football player. What I mean by that is he has this knack of turning this grit on, and he just pulls everybody up with him. He is a big man when it comes to his attitude about playing the game, and I think our players really respect him and respond to him."

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