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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On the Redskins signing safety Justin Hamilton:

"Our fullback (Pete Schmitt) decided to leave, he hung it up. He stepped aside and said maybe this is not for me. That is why we could sign Justin Hamilton, now Justin has another opportunity."

On the health of running back Rock Cartwright and cornerback Shawn Springs:
"Rock has just got a rib that needs to calm down. He has a little sore rib cartilage. I know how that feels. It is very hard, especially when you start laughing. He just has to quite that down. That hurts us at the running back position because now other guys need to take more of the responsibilities. Shawn Springs, I think he will be ready; I think he is close. After already having one player with a ruptured Achilles, we don't want to take a chance with Shawn."

On how much more of the offense he plans to use against the Bills:
"We have got some stuff that we want to take the next step towards. We are not going to reinvent the offense, but we are taking some steps."

On how the players are adapting to the offense:
"They are getting comfortable with the things we were working on two or three weeks ago. In training camp you just keep pushing them to learn more. Now they are uncomfortable with the new concepts that are coming to them. It is very stressful. It is a strain because we are pushing their minds along with the grind of training camp."

On when each of the quarterbacks will play against the Bills:
"I haven't decided the order yet. I do know that Jason (Campbell) is going to start this game, but I haven't decided the order of the other three yet. I may change the way I am thinking about that."

On how the second team offensive line looked in practice:
"They did a much better job today. They were more alert."

On linebacker/defensive end Jason Taylor:
"He is super explosive. He has great hands and he doesn't stay blocked. He is able to move laterally quicker than any of our quarterbacks. I really like his communication skills. He is an excellent communicator and he really understands what is happening on the football field."

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