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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On cornerback Carlos Rogers taking part in 11-on-11 drills:

"It was great to have Carlos [back]. He worked hard and took real reps. What I am hoping is that we can start stringing some things together and being smart about how he feels and testing his knee. He was excited."

On when Carlos Rogers will be ready to play in a game:
"Right now he is just practicing and they're very limited reps. He is in the mix, but I wouldn't want to see him in a game right now."

On injured linebacker H.B. Blades:
"H.B. Blades had surgery this morning. It was something that happened yesterday so we already got him in. We are trying to get him back as soon as we possibly can. In practice he planted, no contact, and he just tore a little meniscus. It was an arthroscopy, it should be four weeks and I think everything went well."

On kicker Shaun Suisham:
"I haven't seen him kick in a game yet, but I know he has a consistent leg. He is a decent kickoff person, getting us down inside the five-yard line with some height on the ball. I had a visit with him yesterday. We are trying to rattle him, but I see good things. The one thing I am looking for in a kicker is confidence. I don't want to see a guy with a worried look on his face because then I worry. Secondly, I want to see a guy who comes in and gets a good rhythm. The snap, hold and kick are exactly the same all the time."

On having a reliable kicker:
"If you have got a good kicker and we get in field goal range, you go about your business because you just expect it. That is what I am going to do."

On special teams coach Danny Smith:
"What I like that Danny does with the kickers is he takes it to heart to prepare them as well. He is not of the camp of just letting them go off by themselves and [saying] we will see you when you get ready. He is really training them and helping them with some of the little things."

On the health wide receiver Santana Moss:
"I have seen him healthy since I have been here. He is playing the way that we want him to play."

On wide receivers Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El and James Thrash:
"We have three really good veteran receivers starting and playing. As we look for the fourth, fifth and sixth [wide receivers], those three guys are going to start us off. As they get to know the offense better and feel more comfortable with the concepts, they are going to get faster and they are going to really dominate."

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