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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On the team's injuries:"There's nothing major going on with [Cornelius] Griffin. We're just holding him out as a precaution. He's doing great. There are just a few other little tweaks. Malcolm Kelly knotted up his hamstring a little bit. Anthony Mix got a little knot in his hamstring. Ladell Betts got kicked in the thigh, but he'll be fine."

On offensive coordinator Sherman Smith:
"I'm really excited about working with Sherman because of his leadership, his work ethic and his commitment to preparing every practice schedule on offense. He does a wonderful job. I'm not really involved in a lot of the scripting of practice. Everything is moving around really smoothly at practice and a lot of that has to do with him, Greg [Blache] and Danny [Smith] because the guys put that whole practice plan together. They're doing a tremendous job."

On the zone concept:
"I think that most teams have a zone concept and we do as well. We have other man blocking plays and stuff like that too. When I came to this league, I remember doing a study on runs longer than four yards. When you look at the runs that are four yards plus in this league, usually it's because you're running back made a guy miss. The zone scheme is nice because you create movement and your running back can then pick from one, two or three holes to run in. Then, if he makes a guy miss he gets his yardage."

On what fans can expect to see at this Saturday's scrimmage:
"Well, the scrimmage is going to move fast, so the fans need to watch quickly. We're going to have sort of a seven-on-seven drill, some special teams and then we're going to scrimmage. We'll set the first offense against the second defense and we're going to start on the minus 35 yard line. We're going to try and take each drive down and let every situation play out, and it will be full contact except for the quarterbacks. We're going to mix people in there, and each unit will probably get 20 to 30 live reps. There are going to be some big plays. This will be our first chance of hitting before we actually get ready for our preseason opener."

On linebacker Rocky McIntosh:
"Rocky is doing wonderful. I really like the way he runs. He has good vision and he blocks well too. He takes pride in his assignment. He really works hard. I've heard that he's an excellent special teams player as well. I'm looking forward to seeing him on the field a lot this year."

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