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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

On the injuries to safety LaRon Landry and cornerback Carlos Rogers:

"LaRon, we are going to hold him out for this football game. We are going to leave him at home so he can continue to get treatment. We have a couple of treatments on both days for him. We are just trying to continue to get him ready. He is starting to come around, but just not quite as fast as we had hoped. Carlos is chomping at the bit. We are going to try to use him a little bit in the game, but very little. We are going to use him early in the game, so watch very quickly."

On linebacker H.B. Blades participating in practice:
"He is starting to run around a little bit. He is starting to work through getting some weight on the knee and see how it responds. He is coming along just fine."

On how he will use the quarterbacks on Saturday:
"I am going to use Jason Campbell to begin with and then Todd (Collins) is coming in. I am going to switch the other two guys and let Derrick Devine play in the third quarter. Then, I want to see what Colt can do at the end of the game with either clock management or a two-minute situation if we find ourselves behind in the score."

On what players with injuries are going to play Saturday:
"The guys that are in would be Carlos (Rogers), Devin (Thomas) is definitely in. Antwaan (Randle El) is a game time decision. Erasmus (James) is not [going to play]. Rock (Cartwright) is probably not either. Anthony Mix is a no. There are guys like that that are obvious. We are going to play (Rocky) McIntosh a very little, just four or five plays, just to let him get in there and smack him around a little bit."

On if he is surprised to be playing Carlos Rogers so soon:
"Yeah, I thought it was going to be September, but everything has been great. When we put him in these drills, what we do is we watch his knee. How is his knee? How does his knee respond? There has been very little swelling, very little that we have had to do except to continue the maintenance program and continue the strengthening. Right now everything is looking good. If our athletic trainers and doctors feel like he can go and he has done what he has done in practice, because he does things full speed, he should be just fine."

On what having linebacker Rocky McIntosh and cornerback Carlos Rogers back at this point does for the team:
"What it does, is gives us a lift, but it also helps us to use some of the packages we wanted to use and have not been able to and play those at the level that we will be during the regular season. These are good times for us because we can have the kind of rehearsal we want in the preseason to be ready for the regular season."

On wide receiver Devin Thomas:
"I don't tell him he is behind the eight-ball and it is all or nothing this game. What I do is I tell him that this is another opportunity for him to get better. We are all learning here and he is going to come out and show his athleticism. I am hoping he shows that he has studied, can line up, can be explosive off the line of scrimmage and contribute with his assignments using the techniques that we are trying to teach."

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