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Jim Zorn Tuesday Press Conference

On injuries:"We had some bumps and bruises. H.B. Blades has a bit of a knee injury. We're trying to evaluate him. We'll have more information tomorrow. As we go along we'll figure out the extent of the injury. Another similar injury is Byron Westbrook who also has a knee injury. They'll both be evaluated. They'll probably both be out for at least a week, now that we have a bye, maybe they can get back. Chris Cooley has a chip on the bottom part of his tibia and he is looking at getting a final evaluation from another doctor to see if he needs surgery. The minimum is six to eight weeks he's going to be out. I'm probably going to end up putting him on Injured Reserve. It hasn't been decided yet about surgery or not. It's going to be a longer healing process for him. He thinks he heals fast, and he probably does, but I don't know if I can keep the roster spot open, so we'll be looking for another tight end to come in and help us out. Cornelius Griffin finished the game with his elbow sprain and did a pretty good job. Phillip Daniels had a little tendonitis, but I think he's fine. Stephon Heyer stretched a ligament in his knee. He's in a brace today, but I'm hoping he'll be fine by the next game. Chris Samuels is out. Albert Haynesworth fought through a sprained ankle, and I think he'll be fine by next game. Jason Campbell and Mike Sellers have sprained their ankles. Clinton Portis still has his ankle sprained. We had a lot of ankle injuries yesterday."
On how he feels about losing Chris Cooley due to injury:
"It's just devastating because he is such a good player for us all over the field, and he is good for our football team. Much like Chris Samuels, he just wants to be around and he's going to want to be involved in what he can, but the loss of him on the field is going to be a big loss for us. I thought Fred Davis did a wonderful job picking up some of the slack and now he's going to have to really be involved, as well as Todd Yoder."

On if injuries are hurting the team:
"This is part of a season, we just have to make the best of it, and we will. We will get our players ready. Our tight end coach Scott Wachenheim will do a great job getting Fred Davis ready. Todd Yoder will do a great job. Chris Cooley will do a great job hanging in there and helping us get ready. We're a football team and this is happens when a football team gets injuries. The bottom line is to win. We feel bad when guys get injured, but the team moves on. The team will stay together and put out great effort to pick up that slack."

On the division of play calling:
"I really believe that for what Sherman Lewis had to do – to get ready to call plays in one week – he did an outstanding job. He had to do a lot of preparation by himself, with our staff, and with the players to get himself ready to call plays. He did an excellent job of having that next play ready. He did an excellent job of mixing the plays up. It was really his decision on allowing Sherman [Smith] to call the running plays. He decided when the runs were going to be called, not me. I thought our assistant coaches did a great job of organizing the plan with him to be able to call the plays in a timely fashion. He called some shots that didn't get off based on protection and break downs and I commend him for what he did."

On if the timing of the bye week is beneficial to the team:
"We played very physical last night. This is going to be a great break for us. It will be a chance for us to regroup, heal up, and then start strong again against Atlanta."
On Albert Haynesworth's comments about the desire of the players:
"I talked to Albert this morning. He is all in. I think that Albert just wants to win. We are in the process here of figuring out ways to do that. He wants the bottom line – in fact we all do. I just see everybody fighting hard. I don't see anybody really giving up or cashing it in. I think it could feel that way because we have ended up losing some games. I don't have that feeling about our football team."

On the season so far:
"The 2-5 record characterizes this year - our frustration. There are some things that I haven't seen before. I haven't been able to predict what would happen- on the field and off the field. We are 2-5 and it's super frustrating. The thing that I'm really impressed with is our players and our coaches. It could be splintered very easily. There are high expectations for this group. We came into the beginning of this football season with high expectations and we have not carried those things through. I am impressed with our players, our captains for keeping us together, and our assistant coaches talking everybody through this and coaching hard.

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