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Jim Zorn Tuesday Press Conference

On if the coaching staff plans to make adjustments during the bye week:

"We are going to do a little bit and make sure we evaluate our schemes. We have to evaluate individuals. I think we are on a pretty good roll, although we lost so you have to qualify that. We have got the guys working hard. I think we just need to have them execute better as we work through the season."

On the play of the Steelers defense:

"They had a couple of schemes that forced us to throw faster than we needed to. We needed to be able to throw on a better rhythm and we couldn't because of their scheme."

On his gameplan for the Steelers:

"I thought we had a good game plan and we had some decent things going. Against a very good football team execution is a premium. There is no way we could let down. That was a very good and a very fast coverage team. They didn't allow us to get into they type of pattern running that we needed."

On using a silent count:

"It got us late off the ball on a couple of occasions. I know there was one occasion when Jon Jansen was late off the ball and we got a sack. He was trying to communicate inside and the ball was snapped. I don't think he saw it. We always use a silent count when we are in the shotgun. We have used silent counts all season long. I do not really see that as an excuse of why there were any protection problems."

On being 6-3 going into the bye week:

"What I try to do is to break the season up into quarters. The way that I put it to our team a few minutes ago is that we are 0-1 in the third quarter. We have been 3-1 and 3-1. Now we are 0-1. That is all we are. We have a great opportunity to get refreshed and come back. Two out of the next three games are at home and they are with division opponents."

On losing helmet communications during the game:

"We lost communication almost the whole fourth quarter. It was unbelievable. Our guys work really hard to make that a flawless operation. At a critical time in the game I do not want to have to worry about it and it happened."

On the problem with his headset:

"Everybody else could hear me but Jason [Campbell], so the problem was in his helmet. Our guys did a great job during the timeout. Our equipment guy got the whole thing changed within that timeout. It worked for about two or three plays then it went out again."

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