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Joe Gibbs: Day 2 NFL Draft Recap

On the draft and defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery:

"We are excited about Rocky (McIntosh) from yesterday. We feel real good about that pick and we think he fits in very well with us. We started out today with the 153rd pick and took Anthony Montgomery. As you know, Greg Blache is probably the most conservative person in the world and we think we have the best defensive line coach in the league. I have great respect for him and with him he is very hard to impress. We took two defensive tackles at 153 and 196. We think both of these guys fit well with us. We had them here and had a good chance to visit with them. In Anthony Montgomery we feel like we have someone with real size at 6'5. I think he fits and plays very well. He plays very well with his hands. When Greg says he fits our scheme and he likes him we get excited about it."

On Reed Doughty:

"Reed Doughty is someone we talked extensively about during the year and getting ready for the draft. He is from Northern Colorado and originally when our scouts went through there the first time in past years they didn't really have him on the list. They went back through this year and our area scout said we need to have this guy cross checked because he thought he was a heck of a football player. We then had a cross check they said they liked him better then our area scout did. We felt like he is a guy that makes a lot of plays. He is a three time academic All-American. He is very sharp. We think that he fits in real well at safety for us. He was the captain of the team and he is a very good special teams player. He can do a lot of stuff for us and is very bright."

On Kedric Golston:

"At 196 we talk defensive tackle again. We got a big defensive lineman (Kedric Golston.) He is 6'4 and 292 lbs. He started 30 out of 44 games at the University of Georgia. He has a very good history of play making and we felt like he fit in very well with us there."

On Kili Lefotu:

"Kili (Lefotu) is on the offensive line and can play center, guard and tackle. He is big at 6'5 and 315 lbs. He started 37 games at Arizona. He is bright and very aggressive. We feel like we have a very good group at offensive line and we wouldn't want to bring in somebody we didn't think could really compete. We thought he has a lot to him and we thought we got a very good pick there."

On Kevin Simon:

"Our last pick was Kevin Simon, a linebacker from Tennessee. We brought him in for a visit and we had a really good visit. He is 5'10 and 235 lbs. He has played in 30 games at Tennessee. He started at middle linebacker. He is very good in coverage and we think he is bright. He can and has made the calls inside. We were impressed with him when we had him here. I think he has a chance to come in and compete and give us some depth at middle linebacker."

On if he feels like they filled all the needs today in the draft:

"We feel comfortable right now. We know we paid a big price to make a big move yesterday to get a linebacker, which we felt like really fit our team. He is somebody that can come in and compete. We feel that Roger (McIntosh) can fit in for sure. Then today we took two defensive tackles and a safety because we felt like this guy would have a chance to make our club and can do a lot of things for us. We felt like (Kili Lefotu) has a a lot of versatility to him. So basically my answer to you is that as a coach you never feel that you got everything but certainly we fell very good with where we are right now. I don't feel like there is something that we need to go make a move on."

On if when signing rookie free agents does he go for position or need:

"It would depend. If we had a guy or two still on our board that is fairly high then that would cause us to want to go and get him because we think he is a very good football player, even though we might have some depth there. Generally most of the people we are going after are people that we think would fit in that we talked about that and we feel that they could have an opportunity. We don't want to take a bunch of guys just to take a bunch of guys."

On if he believes some of the lower drafted guys could turn out to be diamonds in the rough:

"We draw up these pictures of what we want, a guy who is real fast and is big. I go all the way back to my past and talk to coaches about Mark Murphy (former Redskins safety) and people like that. He didn't come close to the profile that you draw up for a player and he played for years at safety for us. I go down through there and I see a guy like Reed and yea we have two very high quality safeties that were first picks but this guy the scouts are excited about him. He is very bright and smart. This guy could come in and play for a long time with the Redskins. You are picking people. It is not a science. I have always been surprised."

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