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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On how they played on special teams against Philadelphia:

"We felt like our kick off coverage was good. We felt like our punt coverage was very good. They averaged 1.8 yards per return against us. We felt like we punted the ball much better. We felt like we played very physical and ran hard. Our kick offs were not what we wanted and that was a real negative for us. Our award winners there, it is amazing when you get to this point in the season it seems like it's the same guys for us. On special teams it was Ade (Jimoh), who had a very good day, Rock (Cartwright) was leading us over there, Mike Sellers always plays physical and does a great job for us. Sean Taylor I have said not only does he play great at safety, he got the game award on defense too, but also on special teams. He is all over the place. Khary Campbell also got an award."

On how they played offensively against Philadelphia:

"Offensively we wound up with 150 yards rushing, which is a big deal for us. It is hard to do up here. We got off to a very poor start. Our negatives in this game are that we had five penalties. We had a very slow start. We had four possessions where we were three and out. We didn't finish our blocks in the game early. Then we got going in the second half. Again our third down conversions were not good. We just missed on time of possession. Those things were negatives offensively for us. The good things were that we rushed for 150 yards. We won the rushing side of the battle which we really pride ourselves on. We had a big drive to start the second half. We took advantage of turnovers that the defense got for us. I think the single biggest thing for our football team down the stretch here is that in these five games we were plus eight and we wound up for the year plus one and we were way down on turnovers. I think that is something that our team has bought into. If we can continue that this weekend will be a big deal for us. The turnovers the offense did a lot with them when we got them. Shorten the field and we made the most of it."

On the players of the game:

"Our award winners were Clinton Portis who had another outstanding game and again without the ball in his hand a great job blocking in this game. He was very physical. Santana Moss had four catches and averaged 20-yards a catch. Robert Royal did a heck of a job for us blocking at the point of attack. Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen both of them have had outstanding days down the stretch for us playing tackle which is huge for us. Mark Brunell got a tough guy award which is a big deal for us. We were kind of worried about him being able to go in the game and he did a heck of a job for us."

On how they played defensively against Philadelphia:

"We felt like (the defensive staff) did a great job at half time making a lot of adjustments. We have a terrific staff there with Gregg (Williams), Greg (Blache), Dale (Lindsey), DeWayne (Walker), Steve (Jackson) and Kirk (Olivadotti). All of them worked extremely well and did a great job at halftime. Our defense played very aggressive. They had five takeaways which is a huge deal for us. We had four sacks. Scored on defense which is huge for us. Shortened the field three times and the offense took advantage of it which is great. No long runs in this game. Yards per rush was at 3.8, so we won that battle. We were very good on third down. We were our best that we have been all year on disruptions at 33%. Our negatives we had five explosive passes against us. We had one defensive penalty. It seems as though that if you give up a big penalty it normally leads to points and it did in this case. Our award winners were Sean Taylor, all over the place not only on special teams but defense as well, Marcus Washington had another stellar game, Ryan Clark was excellent for us, and Phillip Daniels. Our defensive coaches have been with him before and they feel like it is the best he has ever played."

On the fans:

"I want to say a big thanks to our fans. We had two huge games here as I looked at that stretch of five games. Our players had to go on the road and get two wins on the road, which we were able to do. But then to come back home and play the Giants and Dallas here was a huge deal for us. SO a big thanks to the fans. It means a lot to us. We had guys in the parking lot for us last night. There is no place in the world that has fans like ours and we really appreciate them."

On if he is on schedule or ahead of his schedule in terms of where he wanted the team to be when he came back to coaching:

"I have never really set timetables. I never really have any feeling for we are going to do this by this date. For us it has just been to try and make steady progress and put the best team that we can put out there and have our players play hard. I think our fans appreciate that. A lot of things can happen to you in the football season that can give you wins or losses. I have never set a timetable so for us to get in the playoffs is a thrill for us. I am not sure I had a goal when I got here other then for all of us to coach as hard as we could and play as hard as we could and see where all that leads us."

On some of the injuries that came out of the Philadelphia game:

"Shawn Springs is probably one of our biggest concerns. It is his groin again. I think it will be later in the week before we get a real report on that. Obviously he came out of the game. We had Ade Jimoh who had a situation where sometime he has an irregular heart beat. We took him in last night and we don't think that is a problem at all. This has happened a couple of times and it is nothing to be alarmed about. Carlos (Rogers) we are excited we think he is going to be back. That is going to be good for us in case Shawn is not able to take some work this week. We came out of there pretty good with Walt (Harris). Chris Samuels had been real sore and I don't think he is as sore. Same thing with Jon Jansen's thumbs."

On QB #8 Mark Brunell:

Our quarterback came out of there amazingly well. We gave him the award for being the tough guy. Certainly he was. Again he scrambled and made a big play. Mark didn't have a lot to work with early. He scrambled, made good plays, threw the ball away and kept us from getting in real messes. He only had one interception there. Sometimes your quarterback gains the most respect with the team when things aren't going well. Certainly in this game they didn't go well early. It has happened to him before this year. It has happened to our offensive team before this year. They don't perform well then all of the sudden they catch fire and get going and do some good things and did enough to win the game. Any way I think he came out of the game in good shape."

On if he prefers to play teams in the playoffs that he has played already:

"I haven't given that a lot of thought. I would say in general I would rather play people we haven't played but we don't have a choice. I would particularly want to play somebody other than the Bucs because I think they are awful good. Our offensive performance kind of surprised me because we did get a few things in there. I think they are very good. Everybody in this league thinks the world of Monte (Kiffin). I think he has great respect. Offensively I think they do a heck of a job too. There quarterback kind of started to roll against us. When you get to this point you are just happy to be in. We are not happy to travel but that is part of it when you get in and qualify where we did. Those are the rules and we can see what we can do. Short work week and I don't particularly like that. At least they have a short work week too which wasn't the case when we played the Giants."

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