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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On the game against Denver Sunday:

"Offensively we had a ton of first downs, a ton of yardage, the field didn't get shortened much turnover wise or anything. We got a blocked punt. Kept us going a long ways, we had 28 first downs and made a lot of yards and made some real key plays. We played great. Our whole team did in the fourth quarter. We played extremely hard with great intensity. We made some great plays in the fourth quarter. A great comeback there. Out negatives were that we still wound up with a turnover. We wound up on the negative side of the turnover ratio, which we have been talking about for four straight weeks. We had six penalties which hurt us. I think it was a matter of making a bunch of plays on offense but not scoring enough points, we had great opportunities there a couple of times. We hate to waste an effort like that."

On special teams:
"On teams we had a field goal block which cost us. We had two key penalties which another one of those penalties cost us another field goal. We really gave up two field goals there a total of six points. Other than that to be quiet truthful we controlled almost every category on special teams. We had two real bad plays that took away six points from us but other than that we felt like we played extremely well on teams."

On the defense:
"On defense seven of their 12 possessions they were three downs and out but we gave up two long runs. Our defensive guys are of course upset about that. We missed tackles on those and those were two key plays that really hurt us. I think the bottom line for this game for us was that we could have won it with offense, we could have won it with special teams, we could have won it with defense so we are all together. In all three cases we didn't get it done."

On close games:
"We have played four real close games and we lost this one. You kind of look at a lot of things there. Officiating wise I don't think it was a very well officiated game. There are numerous things that we will turn into the league. That is beside the point. You can't worry about that. It is not something you can worry about in this league. You have got to win it without that. Other than that I thought it was a heck of an effort we just wound up coming up short."

On the safety that was overturned:

"Here is what happened, they got a tuck rule. If you read technically the tuck rule it says when a quarterback goes to tuck the ball back in from an attempted pass he has also got to do something beyond that before it becomes a fumble. I guess you could say technically on this it probably fits within the rules. Here is the point we didn't have anything to do with that. He was strictly on his own. We didn't hit him or anything. What he did was start forward with the ball, pull the ball back in, it even started towards his left hand and hits his left hand, and then it comes back out in back of him in essence. So the point would be there at what point is that a lateral backwards."

On the officiating:

"I think up here you have to be able to overcome that. You can't spend a lot of time. We will turn all of that stuff into the league and do the best we can to try and help them."

On the two point conversion play that would have tied the game:

"We had two or three things that could work. We actually slipped on one portion of it to go to the flat. When we did it left the linebacker sitting a little farther inside. Had we got off clean the linebacker would not have been there and it would have been open. What he did was stuck his hand back and batted the ball. it is just one of those things that happened to us on the two point play."

On LB #56 LaVar Arrington not playing:

"I think really there we did less substituting then we have done all year. We were really concerned about there bootlegs and waggles and a lot of things like that. So we did a lot less substitution. I think that is one reason LaVar didn't play. I think the packages he was in we just didn't go to them. I think those guys over there, we know that is something that has high interest from everybody. We want LaVar to play. It is just one of those games where we wound up not doing a lot of substitution and he didn't get a chance to be in there."

On why with the few amount of turnovers they have created they wouldn't play LB #56 LaVar Arington who could create turnovers:

"Well hopefully at some point here we would love to see LaVar (Arrington) play some and do that. Right now like I have mentioned it has been a situation where the packages he has been in haven't been called much. This game we did less substituting from what we have in the past. We kind of left that group in there. It is a tough team to play because of they do on offense. They are a big cut team so there was a heavy emphasis on that and how we were going to play all of that, somebody cutting out there on the edge, which is what they do. They do a lot of it. For those reasons he wound up not getting to play."

On how the fans might not understand why LB #56 LaVar Arrington is not playing:

"I can see that. What I have tried to do in explaining it is first of all he is not a starter right now. I think that goes back to our background last year being hurt, starting off this year late, missing a lot of camp which he did. We have gradually tried to work him back in there but the point is in a game like this when you are leaving your starters in there and going after it hard. What they did on offense we were nervous about doing a lot of substitution and as a consequence he didn't play much. I certainly can understand that and I have tried to do my part and explain it. Gregg (Williams) will explain it and talk to everyone again. Right now it is a coach's decision. I guess you could blame that on us."

On how he thinks LB #56 LaVar Arrington is handling it:

"I don't know. I think up until I talked to him last week we have had numerous conversations and I think kind of understands. I'm not sure he understands. He is a very competitive guy, wants to be in there and wants to play. He wants to help the team. By the way I want to address one other thing. That conversation that I had with him out there that day that everyone filmed and made a big deal out of that conversation . That was the most congenial conversation that I had with anybody. What I was saying to him in there was 'You can help the football team' that is why my finger came out.' I said 'Look you can help this football team. You can rush the punter.' But I was also telling him this is what you need to do to do that. For everybody to take off on that, I don't know if anybody here did but I know a couple of people took off on that one. I just wanted to explain. I wouldn't do that. If it was confrontational I would do it in my office. LaVar and I had a good talk there. I went to LaVar and apologized to him. We were having a normal conversation and people took off on it."

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