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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On how they played offensively against the 49ers:

"Offensively I think the things that are negatives that we would like to improve on are that we had two holding penalties and we had an illegal substitution. We have been caught a couple of times on that this year. In essence you are not allowed to have 12 people around the huddle. We got caught in a situation there trying to substitute. We did one in short yardage. Our average per rush was less than theirs although we rushed for a ton of yards. Our positives we had very good pass protection. We only had one sack in there. Any time you get 200-yards rushing it's a heck of a day for us. We had good balance. The best thing I think we did was that we didn't turn the ball over and then we executed at the 25-yardline and in. We had five drives down there and we got in each time with no turnovers. We had seven plays of 20-yards or more. It was very good for us on offense. Obviously we had a good day there."

On how they played defensively against the 49ers:

"Defensively we gave up two long plays and 17 points, which upsets our defense and the defensive coaches, and we had three penalties. We did some very good things. We had two turnovers and that really helped. When you shorten the field like that, and I think there are some good examples that we can reinforce to our team when we watch the film tomorrow, is you get a short field then your odds go way up in scoring a bunch of points. That is what happened for us. We had five sacks, five run losses, we tackled well and we controlled the line of scrimmage. That is probably the best thing we did all the way across the board."

On how they played on special teams against the 49ers:

"On special teams we had a very, very good day. We are leading the league in punt return and I think we won that battle, which was great. We pretty much across the board on special teams were able to win in the different categories, we started in a better position. That is a big deal for us. They had a 17-yard average and we had 21. So we had a very good day there. We had two penalties. We need some more core group guys to step up for us."

On the game in general and some injuries:

"Obviously everything kind of went well for us on this one. It was good. It was good to play a game like that and get some guys out in the fourth quarter. Injury wise Cornelius (Griffin) is a little bit of a concern. We will probably have to take some time off for him to get him ready. Joe Salave'a has a pretty good limp, which we figured. He has a strain on the bottom of his foot there that is bothering him. I think some others are in there but they are mostly bumps and bruises and everything so I can't think of anything else that I can mention."

On LB #56 LaVar Arrington:

"I haven't really had a chance to talk to the coaches. It was good getting him in there. To me he made some plays. I think Gregg (Williams) will probably have a better evaluation of it. They graded the defensive film and I just finished the offensive stuff and jumped right on the Giant offensive stuff. My impression was that he made some plays. I think he had the best week of preparation. I think he came out of there with a slight hamstring. But I thought it was his best week and I think he made some plays there."

On if he feels that LB #56 LaVar Arrington's playing time will now begin to increase:

"I think that would be something for the defensive coaches. They are working extremely hard over there. It is a work in progress and we will just see where everything leads. I don't think there is anything where you try and make some plan about what is going to happen in the future. I think you just work from week to week and see how he does from week to week. I think it will be pretty much up to the defensive coaches to continue to work and LaVar hopefully continues to make progress. You would hope to see him play a lot."

On FB #45 Mike Sellers and his touchdown success so far this year:

"Let me tell you this he deserves it. With all the hard work he does and he has a great attitude in practice. Last week we were short on running backs and he jumped back there in the backfield and was carrying the ball against our defense. You just like his attitude and he plays great on teams for us. I think he is becoming kind of a special player there for the Redskins."

On if the players or coaches get caught up in the NFC East rivalries specifically the Giants this week:

"I think what happens more for us here is each week you list what is at stake when you play an opponent. For example San Francisco is an NFC opponent. That is a huge deal so that gets put at the top. When you turn around and look at the Giants it takes a whole other huge step because the Giants are obviously in our division and that's a huge deal, it is NFC another huge deal. Some where in here the first thing you would like to do is at some point in the future to have a chance to win the division. So all of those things I think it takes on added importance. Certainly when you get to adding this one up it is a big deal. They are playing extremely well. They have a superstar quarterback that has found his niche now and is starting to make all kinds of plays. The receivers are playing extremely well. The running backs are making a on of yards and scoring a ton of points. I think they may be first in points I don't know right now but they are way up there."

On K #10 John Hall:

"He will continue to kick this week. Last week he got more work and it was the most he has had. I think he was the most comfortable. I would say that he probably was pretty positive towards the end of the week but again it was up to Danny (Smith). We kind of always leave that in his hands. He watches him over there. He is with him all day long. They are over there kicking and doing the things that they do. Danny felt like towards the end of the week it was still better for us to go in the other direction. We will continue to work with that and we will just see. I think we will continue to work him this week and see what it looks like towards the end of the week. I don't think there is anything you could say right now."

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