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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On how they played offensively against the Giants on Sunday:

"After going through the film it was just a tough day for us. Offensively we got in long yardage situations, gave up sacks, got pressure, we had two turnovers, one interception, nine drops and five penalties. You are not going to go very far with that. I would say getting in long yardage situations up here is not good and is never good. I think that turning the ball over has been a real concern of ours. We bounced back against the 49ers and did a real good job of protecting the ball. As we have seen and talked about almost every week with the exception of the 49er week, we have turned the ball over and wound up on the negative side of the give-away-take-away ratio. Talking to our players today we understand that you are not going to win games up here doing that. Penalties, we mentioned the five here, we had a total of 10 in the game which hurt us. It seemed like every time we would make a play we would have a penalty. We have had a couple of good days offensively where we had the ball for about 75 attempts. In this game we didn't have many attempts because we were turning it over on our end of the field and then of course you put the defense in a real bind."

On how they played on special teams against the Giants on Sunday:

"Special teams is an area where that we felt like we did play well in. We think we limited them to an average of seven yards per return on punt returns. We felt we had some guys who played extremely well. Mike Sellers is one of those and Ade (Jimoh) and some other guys played extremely well over there. We only had 31 plays there but the negative was that we did turn the ball over. That really hurt us. Again we turned it over on special teams. That is the second time we have done that on a kickoff return in the second half, which kind of kills your momentum there and all the things you talk about at half time. We felt like we did have some players there who did play extremely well on teams. I felt like we kind of matched up well and did fairly well on teams."

On how they played defensively against the Giants on Sunday:

"Defensively they rushed the football on us. We don't like anybody doing that. It kind of has been something that has happened to us a little bit recently. Two of them were two long runs of 113 yards or so. Other than that we held them to about 3.3 per rush. But as been the case we have been giving up big plays. In Denver we gave up two big long runs. It was a screen pass in Kansas City but our defensive coaches there are obviously concerned about that. We don't like anybody running on us and that was the case there. Our guys kept hustling. I will say that on defense. They had great hustle. There were times when we put them in real bad field position when we turned the ball over. They fought to hold it to field goals on several of those opportunities. We gave up if you take a look at it 20 points on the turnover end of it. So they really scored 16 outside of that."

On the game in general:

"In general for us it was a real bad day for the Redskins. We didn't play well as a team. It seemed like we were kind of all of us together on it. Maybe in one way that is good. We were all a part of it. You have to give the Giants credit. We just didn't get the job done."

On how soon does he move past this game with the players and start focusing on the Eagles:

"I told our players that the next two days are going to be crucial for us. They get to work out and get a chance to review this film. Then I think our mindset, they have the rest of today and tomorrow to think about it, then they get back in here. Really and truly for me my best thing is telling them exactly the way it is."

On OT #60 Chris Samuels:

"He got an MRI at 9:00 this morning. We got the results back on that and there is nothing structurally wrong with it which is good. He has got some roughness there. That is some good news for us. I think it is just a matter of when it he gets to feeling good with it. I think he got a little bit of swelling on it but I don't know how much"

On how surprising it was to lose a game the way they did on Sunday:

"I would not have expected that we would have gone up there and play like we did. I would not have guessed that in a million years. For me I thought we had good preparation and that our guys had a good serious attitude and they knew what was at stake. I didn't dream that we would play like that. I have never been able to put my finger on it. I have said to everyone here that I am not sure from week to week how we are going to play. It makes me nervous all the time. You are trying to explain things to guys and get them ready for how important it is. But human nature being where it is I guess you can miss and we certainly missed this week."

On how important is it for some other receivers to get going other than WR #89 Santana Moss:

"I think we have those guys. I think if you look at (Chris) Cooley people would have to respect Cooley and certainly they are going to respect David (Patten). I think Clinton (Portis) is a good receiver out of the back field and so is Ladell (Betts). James Thrash every time we throw the ball at him makes a play. I think we have other people. You are right if it is just Santana we have a problem because people can take one guy away. I think we have other receivers there and hopefully they will step up and do their part now. It just so happens that he has had some great games."

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