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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On how the Redskins played offensively against the Eagles:

"Offensively, the negatives, we still had a turnover and we had the ball on the ground three more times, which continues just to be something. I would say is the single biggest thing we can improve for us offensively is do a better job protecting the ball. We had two sacks and one legitimate penalty. One of them we really questioned and turned in. The plusses are that we had a 79-yard drive which is real hard to do against Philadelphia. We had great runs after we had the ball in our hands which is a huge deal for us. We took a bunch of time off of the clock late in the game which really helped us. We had I felt like a physical approach to it which was much improved over the week before. We brought the ball off our end of the field twice. We were really backed up so that was good for us and the team. We had good hustle and it showed up with Derrick (Dockery) getting that fumble. Chris Samuels protected us another time when the ball came out of our hands. We are going to give a game ball to all of our trainers for last week. We had on offense, I will get to some of the defensive guys in a few minutes, but we had Chris Cooley, Chris Samuels, Mark Brunell, Dockery, (Ladell) Betts, and (Robert) Royal. All of those guys had real injuries and five of them came back and played for us on offense."

On how they played defensively against the Eagles:

"On defense we played very physical are the plusses. I think one of the things that helps us with our defense, our defensive coaches felt, was we played very good against the run. So, then it turns it into a one dimensional game which we felt like was very good for us. We allowed 10 points there. Our third down play was very good. We had two big sacks. The sacks came at really good times for us when there were times where Philly we felt like was going to get a field goal or score points. A big play, we mentioned Dockery on offense, we had a big play by Ryan Clark on defense. We felt like that was a big deal for us. The negatives were we had a busted coverage which led to a TD. We missed tackles on two big plays. We had four explosive passes, only one of those we were fortunate scored points. Our injuries over there with guys who came back and played for us were Phillip Daniels, Joe Salave'a, Chris Clemons and Sean Taylor. So you can see we had a total of about 10 guys on our team who bounced back from injuries, came in the game and played extremely well for us. We thought that was a real plus for us. It says a lot about the physical nature of your team and the character of your team."

On how they played on special teams against the Eagles:

"On special teams our negatives were that we got off to a poor early start kicking the football whether it was punt or kick offs. We had the ball on the ground once which again concerns us. In the second half we eventually got going from a kicking and punting standpoint. In those cases the we kind of felt like second half led us to putting the ball in play at the 28 and Philly had the ball at the 25, which is one of our goals on special teams, to win where the ball is put in play. In the second half Derrick (Frost) had hang times of 4.8, 4.7 and 5.0 when he got going. He played hard all day. That kick off return was big for us. It got us across the 50, that was Ladell (Betts) coming back obviously form injuries there and gave us big return which really helped us. Our kick off average was 28.7 and our field goals were really good."

On the game in general against the Eagles:

"I would say in general for us the thing we were the happiest about our football team was that it was bunch of guys making plays. It was not leaning on one person making great plays for us. It was all the way across the board. We had some guys playing extremely tough and physical. We gave some awards out for instance to Clinton (Portis) for playing without the ball in his hand. He made a big play when they got the turnover. He was very aggressive and that was a big play for us. I mentioned (Derrick) Dockery's play and Ryan Clark's play. I kind of felt like it was all the way across the board a very physical game. I have to tell you that game reminded me of the NFC East. That was NFC East. That was back to the days of grinding it and getting after each other. Both teams were laying it on the line. I think there were a lot of physical tackles and blocks. That was kind of what it reminded me of."

On what he likes about the team now that we are at the mid-point of the season:

"I like our attitude. I like the fact that we have a lot of fight to us. I think that is showing up with the exception of the Giant game I think we had very physical efforts where we go get it. I think it is our competitiveness, our fight, and our physical approach to things is what I like the best at this point."

On how important that game was last night:

"I would be willing to bet that both of those teams last night if you asked everybody associated with them, both teams kind of felt like it was a big deal. We were both coming back from real disappointing losses. Both teams had a disappointing loss on the road and now they were pitted against each other. I know it was a very physical games because I am watching them play that game and we were trying some stuff and we were one yard, two yard, three yards on the run. You could tell they were firing their gun, supporting things, very physical and all over the place. It was one of those games where I think both teams laid it on the line and were very physical. I think both teams had a lot to lose in it and there was a lot at stake. Thank goodness for us. I just feel blessed that we came out of there with a victory."

On LB #56 LaVar Arrington and if being a defensive captain and leading the team in tackles reflects a turnaround in his status with the team:

"I think it reflects that our defensive coaches just work non-stop over there. I think it reflects his preparation. I know that they commented on that. His preparation over the last two or three weeks has been excellent and it has been reflected in his play and the plays that he has made for us. I think we need that. We need playmakers and LaVar is capable of doing that for us and capable of making big plays. As we head down the road here I think it was very encouraging for us. I think LaVar knows that. You can kind of pick up in comments when you talk to him or things that are said, you can pick up that he is working extremely hard and I think it is showing up in the plays that he is making on the field."

On Mark Brunell:

"He's been very solid and very stable. Quarterbacks best plays are when they make a play when one is not there. In this case, you saw him come out of the pocket, buy time and throw the ball away. Your quarterback comes down to a lot of those plays. You know that most quarterbacks will hit it when it's there and you get good protection. I think Mark's best plays are when he has a sixth sense, he feels the rush and he knows when to slide. He knows when to protect the ball when it's real bad stuff. He makes good sound decisions. Typically that's what your quarterback does for you when you're playing well and winning close games.

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