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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On how they played offensively against the Rams:

"Offensively we had a great rushing day. We averaged 6.4 per rush. We had no interceptions. We had five 20-yard plays, which was great we picked it up from last week. We had an excellent time of possession. Our third down possessions were 57% and we finished the end of the game in good fashion. The negatives we had a safety down there where we had things really backed up. We had the ball knocked out of our hands. We had four holding penalties and we failed in one of out short yardage. In general we had a real physical day on offense."

On how they played defensively against the Rams:

"We were very physical. We were fast and hustled to the football. We dictated to them pretty much. We made it a one dimensional game by not letting them rush the football. They had no explosive runs against us, run or pass, that's the first time in two years that that has happened. The negatives we got caught on one substitution thing, one defensively penalty and we had a face mask penalty on a crucial fourth down."

On how they played on special teams against the Rams:

"[Special teams coordinator] Danny (Smith) felt like we were very physical. We did a very good job. We ran extremely hard. We kind of controlled the tempo. We put the ball in play on special teams at the 27 and they put it in play at the 25. We had big hits and hustled very hard to the football. We also did a very good job on punt returns and kick off returns. It was much improved there."

On the game in general:

"I was most proud of our team from a stand point of we had gone through three real tough emotional weeks. I thought that took a real toll on us. We talked about last week our guys on Monday being down. I was really proud of the way they bounced back. They practiced extremely hard on Wednesday. I think that is a testimony to their character and leadership. The thing I was proudest of is the way we bounced back and played the game. We played a real physical game, we hustled and we went hard. I think for whatever reason I was proud of it. It was a tough game on the road and as I have mentioned they are the number one team in the NFL with home field win-loss record. I think they are something like 42-11 before we played them. I was really proud of our team. I thought we bounced back and played hard."

On what the win did for the morale of the team:

"Wins always help. Our guys in the locker room, everyone was elated. I think this is an emotional lift. I think you get farther away from those three tough weeks. I think everybody too at this time of year what is good about it is I think everybody gets focused. Right now they can see what is happening and they can see the end of the road. I think what is important for us though is it is one game. It is just the Cardinals. That is all we need to look at and be focused on. There is nothing else we are even going to talk about. I think it is playing one game, one game at a time. I think our guys did a good job on that this week. We kind of sold them on the fact that you can only take care of what is left in the season. We can't worry about the past. Certainly some good things you did gives you confidence. At the same time you are looking forward and you can only see one game. I think that has to be our approach this week. We are going to have to go and play away from home at someone else's home field. We are going to have to play a great ball game in order to have a chance to win the game. It is a one game focus and that is where all of our attention has to be."

On if he has looked at the other teams schedules that are also trying to make a playoff push:

"Everybody up here is going to be playing tough from here on out. If you look at any of those schedules, yes I have glance at them, I would say that all of them tell me one thing, you are not going to know from week to week. It is going to swing. From week to week you are not going to be sure what is going to happen. If you can take care of your part I would be willing to say that every week something good is going to happen to you. It is only good under one set of circumstances that you take care of your part. I would be willing to say if we can win this week some where in there something good is going to happen for us in the schedule. That is my approach to it."

On as the game was unfolding how worried was he that they were giving the game away with penalties:

"I am worried all the way. Maybe that's the problem with coaching. You see so many things happen to you that you are always worried about it, so I was worried. The penalties I think we had eight of them yesterday and that's too many. I will tell you this we keep getting ones that we are turning in. I think penalties are a huge deal and they come up more often on the road. I think that is a big focus. That's what we talked about. If we keep from turning the ball over and improve our penalty situation we have a much better chance to win the football game."

On WR #83 James Thrash and if he will be back this week:

"With James it is going to be close. I don't know. He has made big progress. I talked to him on Friday, he was down working out. Nobody is better he gets work outs, massages, and everything in the world he can to try and get back. I think it will still be tough for him this week but we need him back I will tell you that. he gives us a big lift on teams and also on offense."

On the production of the receivers minus WR #80 David Patten and #83 James Thrash:

"Production wise Santana (Moss) has phenomenal down field stuff. For a guy who doesn't have great height that man can make great plays down field. Sometimes you are almost tempted to throw three up no matter what. He is gifted at getting the ball down field. We need to probably try and do more of that. Obviously he has been playing at a very high level. Taylor (Jacobs) didn't not get much productions. There was not a lot that happened there. (Chris) Cooley had another excellent day. He always seems to get a bunch of plays. I was really happy for Robert (Royal). He was able to bounce back and have a game like that after going through such a tough week the week before. It was great to see him make some plays. I think they all need to pick it up opposite Santana because he is going to get a lot of attention. It should help Taylor and everybody else that is in there. It is just one of the things that we are going to have to live with, they are going to pay a lot of attention to him."

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