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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On the interceptions that occurred in Sunday's 17-13 win over Arizona:

"I thought this game was a real testimony to the character and hard fight of our football team. Evaluating the offense we got off to a very slow start. We turned the ball over. I think many times when you are watching the game, particularly when you are watching at home as a fan, you don't have the opportunity to see the film like we see it so let me give a little review on that. We had one interception that bounced out of our hands. We felt like we had a well executed play there. We had two others where many times offensively all of our adjustments that our receivers make are things that you make on the run. In two of those situations we had things that kind of surprised make. The receiver could have read it one way and we just weren't hooked up. So we had two incidents where that was the situation. We had one other one that was bounced out of our hands but it was pass interference because they were hanging on our back."

On how they played offensively against Arizona:

"Offensively we didn't play well .We gave up the ball inside the 30-yardline and we have been priding ourselves on that. Because of the interceptions we let things get away from us. What I was proud of offensively was that we came back out in the second half and that was as good a drive as I have been a part of. It was a crucial part of the game and we needed to get momentum back and we drove the ball 80-yards. A couple of those plays in there, the one Clinton scored on that is about as good a play as we had the week before against the Rams where almost everybody on the football team got a block. I think we came out with real determination. Our guys really went after it in the second half particularly on that drive. Offensively we did a good job on the last drive of the game by finishing it out. I think there were some excellent blocks. I would say we were kind of up and down. We didn't play real smoothly but I thought we played hard."

On how they played on special teams against Arizona:

"Special teams had a very good day. I am really pleased with the way we are playing on teams. We had some excellent coverage's when we were in a situation where we were
having to punt the ball. We had two drives offensively in the fourth quarter where we had to punt the ball and it was great coverage and our defense went in and played extremely well."

On WR/KR #82 Antonio Brown's kick off return:

"You talk about it coming at the right time. It is a great story. Antonio to have him bounce back like that. Everybody knows what we went through the first part of the year. We think the world of him. We released him and then for him to come back and have a day like that I was really pleased for him as a person and for us as a football team. It came at a great time for us."

On how they played defensively against the Cardinals:

"Defensively you can't really say enough. We went up against one of the best passing attacks in the league. They kept us in there all say. They got turnovers. They never got discouraged when offensively we weren't getting things done and moving it. They hung tough all day. They played well and hard all the way into the fourth quarter when the offense punted a couple of times. They kept them backed up and the offense was just able to finish it off. It would be hard to say much more about our defense. They played extremely well and hard."

On some of the team's injuries:

"We have Carlos (Rogers) right now we are looking at him. He is at the doctors right now. He has a bicep that we are taking a long hard look at. We have Chris Samuels with his knee. I think today it is a little bit more his ankle then his knee which is good news. He was real positive after the game that he would be ok. Rather then the knee it is more his ankle today is sore. Shawn Springs is probably the other biggest concern that we have. He had a lower back and his groin. We will just have to see how these things play out during the week. It is a concern for us."

On the rivalry against Dallas:

"I am not looking forward to it. We know that we have in the last two years we have battled Dallas three times and every time it came down to a miracle finish on there part, a miracle finish on our part and then the other one went to the last play. You have to say that both of these teams you have real respect because you know how it is going to be played and it is going to be played hard. It is a good position to be in that you are playing games with three games to go that mean a lot to us and that is exciting. It is kind of hard to put in words of what we went through last year. There is nothing worse then that. It is tough. Although our guys rose up at the end of the year and played hard you like to have something on it and certainly there will be this week."

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