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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On the Aug. 22 practice:

"This will be the week we get the most work. Next week we will only have one day of hard work because we have a short week. This will be the toughest work week for us as far as practice goes. Our guys have responded real well and have worked hard."



"Right now there have probably been eight to 10 phone calls in here from different teams that want some of our players. What happens this time of year is that everybody figures out what they need. You have phone calls going all around the league. There is no sense commenting on that kind of stuff because everyone is calling us and everyone is looking for players all over the place. Every day it is probably going to be a different player."

On David Patten (WR, #80):

"David got a bruise (thigh) yesterday. I don't think it is bad. We hoped he might be able to practice today but it is a bruise. Hopefully he will be able to go this weekend."

On if he is worried about getting another running back because of Clinton Portis' injury (RB, #26):

"I am always worried. If I could have 10 running backs, 10 tight ends and 12 quarterbacks I would have them. What goes on this time of year is that everyone is trying to cover their basis. We are hoping that our players that have sustained an injury and are missing time, like Clinton and Shawn (Springs) (CB, #24), that they are going to be back for the opener."

On if Clinton Portis' (RB, #26) injury is a lingering injury or if when he is healthy it will be over with:

"When you talk to the doctors they said that this is a better injury for a running back on his shoulder. The way it was explained to me is that if it was anything separated on top of his shoulder it would be much more of a concern. Where this injury is it is all about rehabbing it and getting it back. I am not the doctor but they seem to think he will be ok."

On Shawn Springs (CB, #24):

"I had a good visit with him after the surgery. They want him to stay off of it for a little while. They didn't want him to come to the game this week, Clinton came, but they didn't want him to come. They felt like it was better for him to stay off of it for a week. Now he will be back in meetings and he will be rehabbing."

On players who are on the bubble and if he feels there is an urgency for them to perform well this weekend:

"I think every time somebody goes out there that they have to make a statement. It is their chance to be on film. That is the reason why last week was so important to them. You can't go out and have a bad performance. You can't afford to do that if you are one of the guys trying to make the football team. That is why we put a real emphasis on it. That is why we were disappointed last week. Every week you are going to take the total context of what a guy has done for you and what you think he can do for the team. There are some guys stacking up on this football team that are making a real run at this, that coming into camp nobody would have said they have a chance. That is what is exciting about it."

On how much the starters will play this weekend:

"I never tell them how much. Our plan right now is to play them but it might not go that way."

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