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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On Santana Moss (WR, #89) not practicing:

"We just wanted to rest him today. The upper part of his leg was stiff sore; but there's nothing to it. He rarely ever misses anything so we wanted to take caution on that."

On playing the final preseason game:

"There's obviously evaluation going on, so that will continue. We have some guys in the running and they are going to play a lot. It's going to be their chance to show us what they can do. These are going to be some important decisions we are going to make about the final make up of the squad."

On the offense struggling in the preseason:

"I think we're all certainly concerned about it. Everybody wants to play well and we haven't so we are going to have to work our way out of it."

On Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82):

"When you go into free agency, you have some time and you get a pretty good handle on guys. It's not like you're picking somebody out of college, this guy has a history. He's been there and played on a Super Bowl team. I had photographers come up to me, security cops come up to me and people just volunteer that would come up to me and say, You're going to love this guy.' He's got a big old smile on his face all the time. He's just a real neat guy. The team really likes him. I think he'll be leader for us. He's always up for practice and a lot of guys aren't. He has a real good attitude towards football. It's hard to find somebody with a better personality. He's a natural leader in a way."

On the importance of guys being able to play special teams:

"It's hugely important for us. We've told them that too. They are going to be put in some real crucial spots and we're looking for people that can help us there. It's really a way to start on a football team. Danny (Smith, Special Teams Coach) puts a list on the board for special teams and he said these are the critical, core group on special teams. If you're listed on that group, you're on the team. That's the way it works."

On if he has transitioned from preseason to regular season mode:

"Personnel-wise everything is pointing towards one thing and that's on Monday night (against the Vikings). Of course, you make plans and certainly plans haven't gone the way we would like them to but that's one of the things you learn. It rarely goes the way you think it's going to go. We have to play our last preseason game with the idea of being what makes us stronger for the opener; that being strategy-wise, player-wise, everything. We'd love to win the game but we have a lot of things on our plate right now."

On if there are fewer roster spots up for grabs now than in previous seasons:

"Certainly, some guys here know what they're going to do. Part of what you're doing as a coach is to pick people you can count on. These are tough days. You have to go out there and practice. You have all kinds of scenarios going on. It's tough. You win in the end with your people. I don't think it's about all the fancy things you do or the strategy. We certainly hope to put the guys in the right place but in the end, you win with people."

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