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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On Mark Brunell (QB, #8) not practicing:

"We decided that we wouldn't practice Mark just as a precaution and let him have another day of healing. So we held him out. He was there to watch everything."

On what he is going to try to stop all of the penalties:

"We started today with the film. We tried to go through each one of the calls. For whatever reason when they are made that is what is being called. You have to be knowledgeable on that. Several of the things that came up are things that we think we can learn from. We are trying to put every bit of emphasis on it and we include working with our officials here."

On the draw play that was called with 10 seconds left in the first half of the game against the Texans, which went for a Clinton Portis touchdown:

"I was thinking what was going to happen was that we would get 10 yards on a draw and then he would go down and we would call timeout and kick a field goal. When he broke that thing I started to semi-panic. Mark (Brunell) did a great job after he handed off he ran straight for the official so he could call time out. We think when he crossed the goal line there would have been two seconds left."

On if they have success against Jacksonville's defense if he feels that will show that the offense is heading in the right direction:

"I don't think anybody here expects to have anything like what happened down there in Houston against this defense. It just doesn't happen. This is one of the top flight groups. They have corners that can cover plus they are hitters. They have huge inside tackles, both of them are 6-foot-6. They are very aggressive to the football. They have a great scheme. A good example is the first three games that they have played against three good teams. They have had to fight for every inch. They held people to an average of 45 plays and 12 first downs. I think what we have to do in this game is play perfect across the board. We have to play real good on defense and try and keep them off the field."

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