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Joe Gibbs Media Session

Opening Statement:

"We got back to work today. Working on Seattle, the more you look at them the more you realize what we are up against. I think it is going to be a real hard fought deal for us all the way across the board. The offense is second in the league and is very productive, they have a quarterback, running back and an offensive line. I think on defense they are very active. They are very quick. They stunt and give people a lot of problems. The last two weeks they have been very active and very good. Special team we think we have our hands full too. We have a real concern. We have to try and get ready and get going."

On K #10 John Hall:

"He tried to kick a little bit today. He kicked some. Obviously he is not in a position where we think he could kick for us right now, but he is kicking. Hopefully what he will do is up his work and take more and more stuff."

On CB #27 Walt Harris:

"Walt feels like he is going to be ok to go. He did not take work today. He feels like he is going to be ok. We don't know because he didn't take work today."

On the Seattle Seahawks' defense:

"We have been real impressed with them. I don't see where we could pound the football. I think they are very aggressive. I think they hammered one of the best running football teams who are leading the league in rushing right now in Atlanta. I think they man handled Atlanta and came back against the Cardinals and did the same thing. As a matter of fact in that game they had five balls on the ground. They knocked five balls loose at different times. They are very aggressive and very quick."

On the Redskins' running game:

"I think against Dallas two weeks ago, we would like to be more balanced than that. Anytime you are not balanced up, we want to be able to run the football. We just couldn't get it done against Dallas. Obviously we would like to have more balance like that in our offense. We would like to be able to run and throw."

On Seattle's offense and QB Matt Hasselbeck:

"Matt Hasselbeck is over 90 percent rated right now. I think he is a very seasoned guy. I think they are very much a timing group. They get the ball off quick and make quick decisions. I consider Coach Holmgren one of the real bright guys on offense. They are out of the 49er mold, which is a west coast offense. What they are is very quick, very fast, efficient, put a lot of people out and give you a lot of problems. Of course you have a great running back that goes along with it. Gregg (Williams) is probably the best person for you to talk to but we feel like we will have our hands full. You better not leave them out there because they will make yards and make plays."

On Seattle running back Shaun Alexander:

"I think for us going up against him, he had four touchdowns last week. We know how hard that is. We have very good backs and we are having a tough time getting touchdowns down there and he has a bunch. I think he is very good as a receiver and also very good as a runner. I think he is a big part of what they do. I think his offensive line, they made a big effort in the off-season and signed their left tackle (Walter Jones). I think they have a very good and big offensive line. I think our defensive guys feel like we are going to have our hands full."

On the Redskins' passing game:

"I would say we have a lot that we need to improve upon. We have a long ways to go. Certainly I don't think anybody here feels like that we are satisfied with our passing game or our rushing game right now. I think you try and do a good job of analyzing that and certainly our work and what we are concentrating on are ways to get more productive. I would say across the board we need to step it up. I don't think any of us are satisfied with what we are doing."

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