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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On the New York Giants:

"They have a number of new guys starting on the defense. All I reflect on is last year and they were in a little bit of a similar situation last year. Then we went in there and they held us to about 150 yards. Defensively they have two ends that can rush with anybody. They have two tackles and we know their linebackers are excellent football players. We have great respect for them. Last year we couldn't get much done on them and they did a lot on us. We know what we are up against. It is a tough place to go. They are a talented football team. They have a bunch of playmakers on offense. They rushed for the most yards that anyone has rushed on us in the last three years."

On if he would consider giving Mark Brunell (QB, #8) a day off each week just to make sure he is fresh on game day:

"We did that some with him towards the end of the year last year where he would take a day off as a rest day. It is a balance. I pretty much leave it up to him. He has been around a bunch. Sometimes he surprises me because I will be talking to him or Bill (Lazor, quarterbacks coach) will talk to him and we will ask if he needs a blow and he will actually say he needs more work. It is up to him. He is a guy that has been around a bunch and can take a day off to rest his arm if he wanted to. We leave it in his court."

On LaVar Arrington's first meeting against the Redskins since he went to New York:

"When I reflect back on the whole LaVar issue I always look at it and think what I could have done to make it a better situation. You always hate it when you lose a player like that. There were a number of things that we were going through over those couple of years. The injury situation was part of it. I always look back at it and it is my responsibility to try and work with every player we have. I always take it as something that I could have done different to make it work out the right way. As it is when he left we wish him the best as long as he is not playing us. I am sure he is going to play great in this game."

On what makes Giants quarterback Eli Manning so tough:

"I think he is a gifted passer. Some guys you get the feeling that they have to point and guide things while other guys they look and just put it there. I think he is one of those guys. He has great bloodlines, which doesn't hurt either. He is a young guy who is very talented. You are talking about the first pick in the country also. He is big and very smart. I think they have somebody there that is special."

On why the offense has improved so much in his opinion:

"It is always hard for me to tell. It just looked like we were in a groove. Obviously we played better and got the ball to our playmakers. We were able to run the football which changed the outlook from the first two weeks also. It is always hard. I am cautious about it because as quick as you go in you can have trouble again and struggle. It always keeps you on your toes. You are never quite sure how you are going to play from week to week."

On if the game last year against the Giants in New York still bothers him:

"For all of our players here it is a memory that you don't like. It was a sad day in sports. A lot of times you forget some of the wins but you won't forget those tough losses like that one. I don't think I will ever forget that one. It is something that just sticks with you. It is hard to get out of your mind. I know our players that were in that game, it is something that we won't forget."

On Santana Moss' (WR, #89) ability to make big plays:

"I haven't seen anybody that reacts to the long ball the way he does. He has unusual body control on anything deep. Most guys have to really look at the ball and size it up and put their hands where they need to go to get it at the high point. He can just glance, see where it is and then he has a way of going to get it at its high point. He is real graceful when he goes to get the ball. The second thing about him is when he hits the ground he is an exceptional runner."

On how the offensive line has played recently:

"Both our lines are playing at a high level. Certainly the offensive line has taken it upon themselves. It is normally reflected in rushing the football and pass protection. Everybody fits in on pass protection. The backs and tight ends need to be doing a good job. The receivers do too, because they need to be in the right spot otherwise the quarterback is back there holding the ball. It is kind of the whole team. If you are a good pass protection team everybody needs to be operating. I think the last couple of weeks we have. Both lines have been very good."

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