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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On QB, #8 Mark Brunell's injury status:

"Mark came out and watched practice. He didn't take work today. He'll continue to get treatment. We'll see how he progresses. In talking to him, he gives me the impression that he thinks he can go. We'll probably work towards that. Today, I thought it was best for him that he watched everything. He threw some balls, but we didn't let him take any team work."

On CB, #22 Carlos Rogers' injury status:

"I think he's better. His range of motion improved. He pushed it hard yesterday, but we'll just have to see."

On his mindset heading into the Redskins' game against the Eagles:

"Right now, for anyone in this organization--or, I would hope, in the entire town--to be focused on anything but Philadelphia is ridiculous. We're getting ready to play the most important game that a lot of our players have played--in a place where it's extremely tough to play and in a place where [the home team] just took the Giants into overtime. If we lose the game, we aren't going anywhere, so my mindset is on one thing: Philadelphia. I'm not thinking about anything else but that."

On the importance of depth at the quarterback position:

"It's extremely important. [Backup quarterback] is one of the most important positions on the team. It proved out on Saturday. Patrick stepped in there and just did a great job for us. That was probably one of the most crucial times that someone could enter a game. If we lose that game, then we're not going anywhere. It was at a point where it was sticky. It was hard-fought at that point. For him to go in there, be able to get a touchdown pass, and get us going, it was a huge deal for Patrick. I appreciated it and I think all of his teammates did."

On whether QB, #11 Patrick Ramsey has gained patience as the season has progressed:

"He's young. For a quarterback, as much as any [position], every year is a learning experience and you probably do learn a lot from other people. There is a certain amount [of patience] to playing quarterback that comes with time and experience."

On the difference between a quarterback learning from the sideline and learning on the field:

"My experience has been that the quarterbacks--almost all the ones that I've worked with at some point--who have sat out, were in a backup role, and in a learning process, [find it] really valuable. I don't know how to explain it. They don't get to run much of the team's plays, but they seem to pick up things. They watch film, are in meetings, and are probably studying the other people we're playing. One of the best learning tools that you can have is to watch someone else and the corrections that are made and say, 'I would have done that' or 'I wouldn't have done that.' My experience has been that I've been amazed by how well guys can be in that environment--not be specifically running the team's plays--and, yet, step in there and make plays as soon as they hit the field. Certainly, that was [QB, #11] Patrick [Ramsey on Saturday against the Giants]. To his credit, the way he has handled this entire year has been remarkable."

On the threat the Eagles pose to the Redskins' playoff hopes:

"Everyone at this point in the year is missing some starters. Here's how dangerous they are: they took the Giants to overtime at their place. I think that's all you have to say. I looked at the games this weekend [too]. Baltimore had nothing on the line. The Vikings had everything on the line. Baltimore played their guts out and won the ballgame. Green Bay played as hard as they could play against Chicago. Our situation last year at the end of the year, we didn't have anything at stake. Minnesota came in here and had to have it to go to the playoffs, but we beat them. Up here [in the NFL], it's [about] pride. We know Philadelphia. We have great respect for them. They have great players. They've been drafting high. Just the way they played against the Giants, we have to expect that's the way they'll play against us. If we go in there with anything less than that and lose, we're done. Our situation is critically important."

On whether QB, #11 Patrick Ramsey has changed since the season began:

"I don't think so. The biggest thing about your quarterbacks is that you're watching them all year long, not just in the games. Patrick has been out here running the other team's plays and throwing balls. You watch him run [Redskins] stuff out here [as well]. It has been two full years [for me] with Patrick. He has a heck of an arm. He's a terrific guy. He's capable of making any throw you want him to make. Certainly, he's a tough guy. So, we like him from that standpoint. That's the reason why there has been such an investment in him here. He stepped into a pressure-packed situation on Saturday and responded, which is great--great for him and great for us."

On whether QB, #8 Mark Brunell has relaxed QB, #11 Patrick Ramsey:

"I haven't seen a lot there, but I also think that Mark is very relaxed. He's a vet that has a funny bone and jokes in the huddle. That's one guy's way of dealing with [pressure]. This isn't Mark's first rodeo--he has been around a ton. You can watch his face when he comes off the field and [see] that he has a great reaction to pressure. He doesn't let much get to him."

On whether he will design two game plans for the Eagles so that he may accommodate both Redskins quarterbacks:

"With [QB, #8] Mark [Brunell], we didn't schedule things for him to run because he has had some leg problems. Now what he has done--which is part of what his make-up is--is that, if it's not there, and he has a chance to run on a broken play, [he'll run]. He's been very good at that. So, [QB, #11] Patrick [Ramsey] is in the same boat. Now, Patrick is a little different because he's a little more of a pocket guy. He's not as much of a runner. From that standpoint, the offense really doesn't change much."

On the extra coaching and film work QB, #11 Patrick Ramsey has received since his demotion following Week 1:

"The one good thing is that we have [Redskins quarterbacks coach] Bill Musgrave. [Patrick] has a great relationship with Bill. All of our quarterbacks really like Bill. He's played the position and understands it. He understands all the drill work. I think they respect him. He's the person that has been spending the extra time with Patrick. Because of that, it has been a good learning experience for [Patrick]. Some of the comments [Patrick] has made lends you to think that he has learned a lot. The credit there goes to Bill. It has been a ton of work--[both] film work and meetings. They meet for an extra hour in the morning before they come into the other meetings where they get the game plan, so the quarterbacks are actually in double meetings. That's a lot of work."

On the Redskins' need to win their fifth game in a row:

"It's extremely hard to win five in a row. That's rare stuff. We're going to try to win a fifth in a row. That's hard to do. It takes tremendous focus and hard work. You have to get yourself mentally right to play and win a fifth game in a row. That's a big deal. I'm worried about that. I have a good feeling for how the Eagles are going to play. They have a great coaching staff with a lot of pride. We have a lot of respect for them. [Philadelphia] is a tough place to go. For us, there's so much riding on it that you get nervous and worried about it. We're going to have to play great."

On the guarantee that the Redskins secure a playoff spot if they beat the Eagles:

"I love that part of it. If you win, you're in. If you lose, you're out. That's really what it is. We've been in that situation for the last four weeks. I think that's what our players have rallied behind. We've been in that situation ever since the three [consecutive] losses [to Tampa Bay, Oakland, and San Diego, respectively]. Somehow, they've been able to grab that and play hard. Now, we're getting ready to go see if we can get the last one."

On the correlation between the Redskins' off-season participation and overall record:

"When we lost that third game to the Chargers and we had a [veterans only] meeting, I could tell that everyone in the building was shook up. We had lost three straight close games. The one thing that [OL, #67] Ray Brown said to me that I'll always remember was, 'Hey, Coach, we're upset. We worked extremely hard in the off-season. We feel like we paid a price. It looks like it's not coming out the way we wanted it to. It's not being honored.' We had a talk about that. I think that has driven this football team--the fact that guys made a big commitment. They were here. It was one of the best attended off-seasons probably in all of sports. When you do that, typically in sports, it gives you confidence. All of us have probably done something where preparation [gave] you confidence. After that third loss in a row, [the players] were extremely disappointed. I felt bad for them because I had asked them to do a bunch of stuff and they had done it. Yet, we were losing football games. Thank goodness it turned around. Knowing that no one has worked harder or has had better participation has given them confidence. No one that we're going to play has paid more of a price."

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