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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On if inconsistency is one of the things that they focused on during the time off:

"What we tried to do was analyze everything up until this point with how we won football games and how we lost them. That goes with everything from penalty issues to playing poorly in the second half. We tried to really do a good job of analyzing ourselves and presenting that to the team. We had a good three or four days of work for the coaches. It was important for the players to get a break. We did quite a bit this morning. We came out and practiced a number of those things that we are trying to get done. Then we will start a regular practice session on Wednesday."

On the Dallas Cowboys:

"I think they are playing extremely well right now. To beat Carolina in Carolina says a lot about how they are playing. We kind of know from earlier this year and how they played against us. Our players and certainly the coaching staff know. They are playing at a high level right now."

On if he was surprised with Dallas Head Coach Bill Parcells changing quarterbacks:

"What they have is a quarterback that played extremely well last night. I can talk about that. I think they are playing extremely well right now. We are playing a real good football team this week."

On if quarterback Tony Romo presents different challenges defensively than quarterback Drew Bledsoe does:

"Our defensive coaches are the best ones to talk to. Each player is different. Certainly he is a contrast to Bledsoe. It will be a challenge for us. We have had two games to watch him. Hopefully our defensive coaches can make the right choices and that we do the best we can to try and defend him."

On if the bye week came at a good time for the team:

"Certainly we had a lot to work on. We are 2-5. Anytime you can get a bye week you like it. I think if I had to place it someplace I would like it during the middle of the season."

On if coaching now with a 2-5 record is tougher than it was when he was younger:

"The losing part of it is never easy. As far as dealing with it I care about it the same way, work at it the same way and hopefully we will solve it the same way."

On getting Clinton Portis (RB, #26) back against Dallas this time:

"Clinton is a big part of our football team. He is one of our leaders and a highly productive guy. At the same time we will have to see how he comes along this week. I talked to him before he left and we set out an agenda over the last few days. Anytime you have something like that happen it falls on the other guy's shoulders. We have a lot of confidence in Ladell (Betts, RB, #46), we would like to see T.J. (Duckett, RB, #36) play some and we have Rock (Cartwright, RB, #31). We will just have to see how it goes. Hopefully for us, we will see during the week that Clinton will be able to get back out, take work and be ready to go."

On improvements to the team's schemes:

"When you get a break, it allows you to step back some and you're not every minute trying to get ready for a new opponents and a regular work week. We've looked at every run we've had on offense and every pass play. When you have time to do that, certainly there are things that jump out at you that you would not have picked up on had you been getting ready for the next opponent."

On Jason Campbell (QB, #17) getting some work last week and this week with Mark Brunell (QB, #8) sitting out:

"I definitely think that anytime Jason gets to work it is good for him. I talk to him a lot about patience and how at each one of these practices it is hard to be excited about things knowing there is a chance you will not play. I could tell this week that it was good for him to get work. It was a good experience. It has been a good time for him. He's worked extremely hard."

On evaluating Campbell:

"Most of the times in the past here, when a lot of players at quarterbacks, some of the guys who are great stories here came out of the same scenario. They were running the other team's plays and they can get quite a bit from that. They sit in the meetings and they learn from other quarterback's mistakes. They are all learning experiences for him. Hopefully, he'll be fine and we'll just have to see when he plays. Hopefully it's been time well spent."

On if he sees improvement in Campbell:

"I think he's always been someone who cares a lot about it, he's real good in meetings and takes real good notes. I think it's just a growth process and he continues to work. We rotated the quarterbacks around today with Mark out."

On Mark Brunell (QB, #8) and the quarterback situation:

"I think we have a good plan with what we laid out. Nothing has changed with our quarterback situation. We will see how Mark feels Wednesday."

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