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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On some of the guys who sat out practice today:

"We had David Patten sit out. He had some irritation there with his knee. We are going to check with his doctor and do a few things and we will see. Sean (Taylor) sat out today but I think he is going to be back tomorrow and practice tomorrow. Ladell (Betts) was out today. Cornelius Griffin was out."

On if he knows Oakland Head Coach Norv Turner at all:

"I never had a chance to work with him or anything. Ernie Zampese was real good friends with him and Ernie is one of my best friends. We always talked a lot and he had great respect for him. As a matter of fact assistant coach wise I started to try and do something and hire him but it never worked out. I have always kind of admired him. He has a great reputation as far as calling plays and being an offensive guy. He worked here for a long time. I think there is a mutual respect there. I respect him a lot."

On what he feels about instant replays and if he thinks the results for the Redskins have been on par with the league or if he thinks they are getting the short end of the stick:

"I think first of all I need to say I probably emotionally should not have said what I said earlier in the week. I should leave it. If we ever disagree with something I should just say 'Hey, we are going to turn it in'. I shouldn't specifically have said what I said. That having been said I think what we all do in the league is try and work as hard as we can to try and help the officials. We turn all of that in and try and say this is what we think and we work together. I am for instant replay. It is another tool for the officials but it is their tool. I don't think it is ours. We added a challenge system which gives the coaches a chance to say hey we don't think that was correct. Having said that I think we need to work together and do a better job. Where we are I think we are all working hard to try and improve in any way in the league, in particularly officiating is a big deal. I think we have very professional people there. I think they work hard at it and I think we need to be a part of helping them not working against them."

On if he found anything in the running game that he feels they can carry over to the Raiders game:

"The running game I felt like down there against the Bucs that we did much better than what I thought we were going to do going in. It shows you that there are real challenges up there. This is probably the biggest front group that we have met with the Raiders. You always worry about making a yard. Certainly the Raiders defense is dramatically different than what the Bucs was. We have a whole new scheme you are going up against. That is pretty much what happens up here you go game to game. This will be totally different. There scheme is very different than what the Bucs is. They draft real fast and quick corners so they press a lot. That has been their scheme always. They are very athletic outside so they will play a completely different defense than the Bucs did. So that is something that you have to match up with each week. You don't have a good feel for it you just hope and pray that you have a good game plan and that you make some yards."

On if there is any reason why they have lost the last 8 games against AFC opponents:

"I don't really have an answer for that. I guess you are playing real good football teams and they have had the upper hand and beat us. That is the only way I know how to analyze it. We have played three real good AFC teams this year and they came out on top. You have to give them credit. They played better than we did."

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