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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On facing the Chargers without several key Redskins available to play:

"It's not good. It's something you want. The medical team will have to do a good job for us this week."

On how the Redskins can create one-on-one match-ups for WR, #89 Santana Moss:

"We need to be creative. We need to do every single thing that we can to get him in the right position to try to get him to help us. When you have a first part of the season like that, it's obvious that people will be trying to take him away from us. It will be interesting. In [opponents] doing that, it should help some of our other playmakers."

On the challenge posed by the Chargers' defense, especially considering the Redskins' injuries:

"It does look tough for us. This defense hustles to the ball as good as anyone I've seen. They're really talented, too. They're big. We're just going to have to see [what happens]. We had quite a few guys miss practice [today]. We'll have to see [how they feel] towards the end of the week."

On the number of different Chargers defenders who have registered sacks:

"They have a very good scheme. They do a really good job. They're well coached. They certainly hustle to the ball. They make a ton of plays and put a lot of pressure on. Our guys, as we study them, understand that we're up against a really good football team."

On whether injuries will force him to use RB, #26 Clinton Portis in the passing game more often:

"Clinton, certainly [will be involved in the passing game]. We're waiting for [RB, #46] Ladell [Betts] to come back. I was pleased that a guy like [RB, #31] Rock [Cartwright] got in there and make a fantastic [pass reception] up the middle [against the Raiders]. It's interesting the way that worked. Clinton was the first guy to go over on the bench, grab him, talk to him, and congratulate him. That's probably what we're going to have to have. We're going to have to have some heroes step up. Clinton is an excellent receiver. With Santana getting a lot of attention, [other players will have to make plays]. [HB, #47] Chris Cooley had a big half the other day, Clinton could come in to play there, [WR, #84] Taylor [Jacobs] is going to have to step up and play well for us, and [WR, #86] Jimmy Farris is going to have to fill a real role for us here until we get healthy. It's going to be an interesting story here to see what happens."

On whether the Redskins' backs are "against the wall" heading into this Sunday's game:

"I look at it as, 'We need a win.' Each one of these [games] is very important. As we go down the stretch, at different times, our teams [will] face different obstacles. Right now, we're beat up and playing a very good football team. The good news is that we're at home. I'm anxious to see how we respond, who gets to play, and how they play. Somewhere in there, there are stories that take place. It's someone's opportunity to play great for us."

On whether the team's home loss to the Raiders angered Redskins players:

"It was disappointing for us. Our fans are so good. We have one of the best places in the world to play. We have one of the largest and best fan bases. [FedEx Field] is an exceptional place to have a home-field advantage. We want to play hard for our fans. They're a big part of what we do here in Washington."

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