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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On his talk with Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85):

"It went well. Things happen from time to time. Brandon has a good attitude about it. We sat down and talked and laid out a plan. I think we both felt good about it. He is a young guy that means a lot to the Redskins. It is important that you talk and work through things. There will be things that come up all the time. It is important to work through them. I think he is in good spirits about it."

On Ladell Betts (RB, #46):

"When I first came here I thought Ladell was the classic halfback that you play on passing downs and third downs. I found out right away that first year that he runs very forceful. We have seen him run back kickoffs. If you want to check someone's heart just have them run a kickoff back because not many people can do that. He is captain of the punt team sometimes. He can do anything for you on the football team. He and Clinton (RB, Portis, #26) have a great relationship. I have always told Clinton to keep himself fresh and he goes out and Ladell goes in. Last year when he had a chance to start he was over 100 yards and this year the last two weeks he was over 100 yards. I am thrilled for Ladell and that he got his opportunity and showed this is what he is capable of doing. He is having fun with it. He is a guy that never says a word. You have to go and ask him how he is doing because he is not saying anything. He is a real pro."

On if he is trying to sign Ladell Betts (RB, #46) before the season is over so he doesn't get out in the free agent market:

"We don't want any of our players to go to free agency. To be truthful, we have had bad experiences when they get out there. We just have to do the best we can. You also know that sometimes it is unworkable."

On Jon Jansen (OT, #76) playing with his injury:

"That thing has really bothered Jon. In that Carolina game he was matched up with probably one of the premier ends in the league. He has played great every week with it. It is something that has been aggravating the whole time. We are hoping we are going to give him more time off of it this week. Then we will see what happens game time."

On the last four weeks of the season:

"We set a bench mark two weeks ago on the fact that we have been inconsistent and at times we have not played Redskins football and sometimes we did. Two weeks ago we changed some things in practice and the way we go about it. We have tried to stay on pace and that is what we are going to try to do the next four weeks. We know what we want to be. It is just a matter of getting there and playing a full game."

On if recognizing the blitz is the toughest thing for a young quarterback:

"Today in football the hardest thing and the biggest change has been for quarterbacks and what to do under pressure. If you get good protection everyone will look pretty good. Teams up here are going to force the issue. It used to be 12 or 13 years ago that when you blitzed it was man coverage. In man coverage you know what to do and where to go with the ball. Today what has happened is that as creative as the defenses are, they are playing zone and dropping tackles. The game has progressed that way. It is much more aggressive and much more gap control and go. It is not sit and read. There are some teams still doing it well. Dallas is an example. Almost everyone up here is going to come at times. Philadelphia has been tough on us. We have had a tough time offensively against them. They have a good scheme, are well coached and are very aggressive as far as how they play."

On how quarterback Jason Campbell (#17) has dealt with recognizing the blitz:

"Jason is very bright. It is just a matter of experience with him and letting him see all of that. Most of the quarterbacks that wind up being great in the league it took a little bit. Jason has had some tough teams to go up against and this one is one of them. I am hoping that his learning curve each week picks up. The practice tempo is not game tempo. The single biggest change is if you are in practice the tempo is a whole step up in the game. It is going much faster. There is nothing like game conditions to get a guy ready. That comes with experience. The guys that are good at it make it look easy because it is almost like it slows down for them. You have to get to that point where you know where you are going with everything and you have a feel for it. I think that Jason has that feel in the pocket."

On Eagles quarterback Jeff Garcia:

"He can come out of the pocket. He is off schedule on a lot of plays which drives you crazy. Last time we went against him he beat us. We have a lot of respect for him. He is very productive. He gets the job done. He has been around. He has a lot of confidence."

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