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Joe Gibbs Media Session, Divisional Playoffs

On some of the injuries:

"We had a number of guys that sat our but most of them were precautionary stuff. Jon Jansen we have been doing that because of his thumbs. We had Ray Brown sit out because we had given him some medication for hiss knees. James Thrash was out there but he has his hand in a small cast after the surgery yesterday and we will just have to see how it goes the rest of the week. Shawn (Springs) is back and looks good."

On coaching against Seattle head coach Mike Holmgren:

"I do have a great respect for him. He came out of a different line of coaches. He is west coast. I have always really admired what they do. Bill Musgrave is out of that same version. It is always interesting to me when you talk to someone else like that. I think they have everything together there that they need. He has been searching for the people that fit the different parts and I think they have them. I think they have a tight end that can do the things that he wants to do. Their running back is obviously fantastic. They have a god quarterback and receivers and an excellent offensive line. I think they have the parts put together there to have a heck of an offense. That is what showed up this year. They had great stats and did a great job against everybody and had a premiere rusher. Plus I like him as a person. He just seems like he is a real nice guy. I havent had a chance to spend much time with him but I think he is a real nice guy."

On the best way to handle the west coast offense that Seattle uses:

"I don't know if there is a best way to handle it. Basically they put a lot of pressure on you because they are putting a lot of receivers out on each and every play and they challenge you. Obviously we practice against our style offense so it makes it a little harder for our defense to get ready. It is a challenge not only because it is a good scheme but because the people they have in the scheme makes it real good. The quarterback is a timing guy and gets rid of the ball and doesn't hold it. I think it is a real challenge for us"

On Seattle's year:

"It is very impressive. They have a long winning streak, at least a very consistent winning streak over a long period of time which is hard to do up here. I felt like we were very fortunate here. They had a chance to win it with nothing left on the clock in regulation and we were fortunate from the standpoint that the field goal didn't go in. I am impressed with their defense. They are very quick and very aggressive. I knew when we played them that they were a real good football team. You could kind of tell that they were a heck of a team. We just played very well that day and got away with it but you could kind of see what was going to happen with their football team."

On if he has a sense of confidence going on the road now after winning on the road at the end of the season:

"I don't know about confidence. I don't like going on the road but I do think you are right from the stand point that once you win a few games there you do gain some confidence. What has happened to us is that we have been in some real tough places. You go down to Dallas on Monday night and that is about as tough of a situation that you could be in. They had a lot going on that night, packed house and Monday Night Football. At times in there you can't even hear what's going on. I think as much as anything after you go there, go to Denver, Kansas City and New York and places like that it's not that it's easy, there is nothing easy about it, we know what is going to happen out there. That stadium is particularly loud. That is going to be something for us to deal with. I think we have been in some tough places and you gain a little bit of confidence after you have been in those. I think this will be a big challenge for us."

On DL #92 Demetric Evans:

"He is a real classy guy. Coach (Greg) Blache does a great job with all of those guys. They rotate a lot. Certainly Demetric has been a steady excellent performer for us this year. That whole group over there. They all get to play. Coach Blache sees to that. He keeps them fresh. We have had some outstanding play. Certainly he is one of those guys. You like him as a person too. He is excellent in the locker room."

On Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck:

"I think his stats speak for themselves. I think he is very bright and sharp. He has been around. You could see when they played our game here. I thought we were playing great on defense against him. He was very cool and calm. He doesn't get flustered by anything. He was making plays and put them in position to win the game. He took them on a big drive towards the end to win the game. I think he has a lot of poise. You are not playing somebody that you think might have stage freight. This guy has been around and knows what it takes."

On the most important characteristic that QB #8 Mark Brunell brings to the team:

"I think he has been excellent this year. He has been solid all year long. He directed the offense and did a heck of a job with it. I think he was real productive this year. I think he had the best quarterback rating he has ever had and our offense wound up 11th or something like that for the year. I think he deserves a lot of credit. He is hard to sack and makes good decisions. He gets rid of the ball and he is a real leader. After a while you really get to appreciate what he means to the team and his leadership. Today a couple of the coaches were commenting on the fact that today is kind of a dog day because you have been off for a couple of days and you played a tough game on the weekend. He was out there trying to rally guys and trying to get them to fight through things. I think that is the best part of our football team, the locker room and the character we have. That is a good example. Mark is one of those."

On S #20 Pierson Prioleau:

"I think about five weeks back he had a game where he got the game ball on special teams and could have got it on defense too. He has great preparation. He is one of those guys that hopefully people will really find out about because he is extremely professional. He is in here studying film. He knows the game plan inside and out. I think he got like five blocks one week and a couple of tackles on special teams and then turned around and played great on defense too. He got thrown in the other night and played a lot for us in a tough situation. He is a real pro and he again is an example of us getting a guy that we knew a lot about. Some of the coaches knew a lot about him. That is the best way to go in free agency."

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