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Joe Gibbs Monday Press Conference

On overview of the team:

"We have a very hardworking group of guys and we played very physical. If I had two things I like from a football team it is that. We played physical in this game. We are inconsistent and obviously the penalties hurt us a lot in this game. We are off just a play here or there and a person here or there."

On how they played offensively against Dallas:

"We are inconsistent from a standpoint of sustaining things, particularly on offense. We are not converting third down. As a consequence we have a limited number of plays. You are not making first downs and giving yourself opportunities to continue drives. As a consequence you are off the field. We were at something like 55 to 60 plays the last two games and that just won't get it done. One thing we did well was we did a two minute drive, which was excellent. That shows the character and toughness of guys, Mark (Brunell, QB, #8) in particular there getting knocked around and having a number of sacks and coming back and putting together a good drive at the very end of the game. Our first downs were very good. We made a bad decision in the red area. Our run is not as consistent even though we average 4.7 yards per rush. What really hurt us was our pass protection--we had six sacks, and our third down conversions. Those are the things that hurt us the most on offense."

On how they played on special teams against the Cowboys:

"We felt like we played very physical. John (Hall, K, #10) kicked off for us in this game for the first time. He was very good directionally. We liked the way he kicked the ball. He put us in very good position. We need to get more people around the ball on kick off coverage. In general we thought we did a good job. Kick off returns, you don't get a better play than what Rock (Cartwright, RB, #31) made for us there. It wasn't only Rock and I think he would be the first to tell you that."

On Rock Cartwright:

"I don't think anyone means more to a football team than Rock Cartwright does for ours. He runs plays in practice. He plays special teams. He can play on offense and he runs back kicks. We have confidence in him if we put him in to run with the football. He would do an excellent job. He is an example of a guy who is a real Redskin and is playing extremely well for us. We had a number of guys on the kickoff return, Demetric (Evans, DE, #92), Kedric (Golston, DT, #64), Chris Cooley (TE, #47), make great plays.

On Derrick Frost and special teams:

"We felt like Derrick (Frost, P, #4) was very good. He is stepping up and is much more consistent. He had a good average. He had the best average that we have had for the year. We had some other guys play well--(Adam) Archuletta (S, #40) made three tackles. Our field goal and PAT protection was very good because they are very good at rushing. They are very good at rushes. They are extremely tall and do a good job there. I felt like our guys did a good job."

On how they played defensively against Dallas:

"We felt like we played physical. We went after people. We had 24 percent disruptions. We caused two fumbles and recovered one of them. In the second half, as an example of our guys hustling and continuing to fight, we had four times that they were three and out in the second half. We started the third quarter well for us, it was three and out there. Our problem was seven penalties. We reviewed those with our players in detail, not to embarrass someone but to try and show each time we get a penalty what types of things are being called, what the rules are and how we can avoid those. That shouldn't happen to us. The seven penalties extended drives. They had a 99-yard drive in the second half and we had two penalties that helped sustain that drive. We gave up six explosive plays. That is two weeks in a row. We do not like to give up the explosive plays we did in the passing game."

On if he feels that they have not committed to the run or if they are just not running well:

"Our problem is that when you run it 17 and 20 times, that is not enough runs. At the same time we are not getting enough plays. We are way down on the number of plays that we would like to have. Most of that comes from not converting third downs so we don't have the opportunities to keep going and continue the run. When we start to get up towards 65 or 70 plays in a game hopefully our runs will go up dramatically. You have to make it count when you get the opportunities."

On the offense:

"In general we have to find a way to be more productive on offense. We all feel that. Certainly on third downs which would help us be in a situation to get more plays. If we get more plays then obviously our production would go up. Obviously it would help to be up at the end of the game and give us a chance to run the ball and do some of the things that other people are getting to do against us."

On Clinton Portis (RB, #26):

"What I have tried to say and what the organization has said every day is what we think is going to happen. If everyone looked at it and said, This is what Joe is saying' then we would be right on the money. Clinton is going to want to play every game. A certain part of Clinton is a joker and he is going to try and jerk your legs as much as he can. He has his own game plan. Clinton and I have talked almost every day. We talked several times again this week. His side of it is if it comes down to where he is not playing then he wants the other team to think he is playing. If he is going to play then he wants them to think that he is not playing. We have to be real careful. I have told Clinton, We have to tell people exactly what the situation is.' That is what I have tried to do. I think he stills has some fun and games with it. What I am trying to say is exactly where we are. We talk all the time. I know exactly how he is feeling. He tells me how he is feeling. I don't think he has ever tried to mislead me or anything. When it comes to Sunday he wants to play every week. He is a tough guy. We admire him because of that. He is one of our leaders. His toughness is something that we all admire and we would love to have. This week we will take it day by day and try and give you the best feeling we can at what his situation will be."

On the offensive line:

"It is the strength of our team. The thing you have to understand is in the passing game it is not only those five guys but everyone else that goes along with it. It is being productive as a receiver. It is picking up blitzes. It is the backs and tight ends blocking. It is not just that core group. I feel that our offensive line is one of the strongest parts of our football team. We have guys up there that have been very productive in what they do."

On Mark Brunell (QB, #8):

"Mark is a little bit like the offense in general. He has been inconsistent. He has made some very good plays for us. It is just a matter of us all getting into a groove. I admire his effort and toughness. The game was pretty much over and he took us on a heck of a drive and that was after having a very tough day. The quarterback normally reflects everything else that is going on in the offense. Certainly he is a part of that and I am a part of it. I think all the coaches share in that and we are all together. I don't think it is any one person. Certainly the quarterbacks are always going to get more focus on what he is doing. I think he is just a part of it and we are all together on it. We are just no being productive."

On Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) and Chris Cooley (TE, #47) not getting involved in the first two games:

"We have playmakers there and we are disappointed in it. We have guys there that we think can make great contributions to the team. Right now we have not been able to get them the ball for some of the reasons we talked about here today. If we continue that we will be in deep trouble. We have guys there that can win football games for you. We have to find a way to rectify that and get the ball to them."

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