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Joe Gibbs Monday Press Conference

On the final roster:

"Our final roster, there are always some tough decisions there. It is one of the toughest days that we go through. There were some guys that were very close and we feel bad for some that don't make it. It is a nerve-racking process you go through. The thing that always prompts us is what is the absolute best for the team. We tried to do that."

On the quarterback situation:

"Our quarterback situation I feel very good about. We have a starter that has been all the way to the championship game. He is a guy that played extremely well last year. He had one of the best years he has ever had. He threw a bunch of touchdown passes and not many interceptions. Mark (Brunell, QB, #8) is somebody we feel like can lead the team. He is a bright guy, very competitive and he has a burning desire to try and have an outstanding year. He is the guy we hope stays totally healthy, goes the whole year and takes us to the promised land. Then we have two other guys that make our football team very deep and talented at quarterback. We have Jason (Campbell, QB, #17) who has done every single thing that we have asked. He is very talented. He can run, is big and strong. He showed that in pre-season. I think he can throw a ball in places that a lot of people can't. He is extremely competitive. He is somebody who has done it all in high school and college at two of the biggest programs you could be in. In high school he had a huge program and obviously in college also. We have a real talented guy that we think is the future of the Redskins. In Todd (Collins, QB #15) we have a guy who is very bright and knows the offense. I think he is a gutsy guy. He hasn't had a chance to play a lot because of where he was in Kansas City. He had a starter there who didn't miss a game the whole time he was there. The other night it said a lot to everybody. He went in with a bunch of young guys in the second half. What he showed there is what we think we have. We have someone who is also very talented, big strong and makes good quick decisions."

On how the backup QB situation will play out:

"This is how we will start the year. If something should happen to Mark and we have to finish the game then Todd is going to finish the game. It is for the simple reason that he is a veteran guy and he has things real sharp. Going in the other day is a good example. That is the best way for us to go if anything should happen to Mark and we have to finish the game. If we have a whole week to go and Mark couldn't start the next week then Jason would start. Todd would go back to backing up Jason in that game. I think it's the best way for us to go with our quarterbacks mainly because we have two real talented guys. They are very different in that one guy has the experience and been around for a long time and the other is the real talented guy that we feel will be the future of the Redskins."

On the roster:

"Our roster is set for today. Up here you don't ever make a statement that it is totally set because things are always changing. We have several players from an injury standpoint and you are always looking. I feel comfortable right now. I don't have any plans that would change things, but I would never say that we are comfortable and that we are going to stand pat. You are always looking at your football team."

On the defensive line and some of the cuts they had to make:

"It's an agonizing deal there because we liked some of those guys so much. Anybody that was here last year I tried to be the one that talked to them along with the position coach. I talked to Nic (Clemons) and to Cedric (Killings). We think a lot of those guys. It just came down to a competitive thing, where we thought we were and who Coach Blache thought was the best group. You hate to do it but the overriding principal is always what's best for the team. If you do anything where you are afraid to act or you just let it go, chances are you are hurting the football team."

On the game against Minnesota next Monday night:

"I would say it is one of the most important games that I will be a part of for the simple reasons that we did not play well in the pre-season and it's an opener for us. They are a hustling bunch of guys. I think their defense has six first-rounders on it. That front of theirs, they are chasing the ball all over the place. I bet if you took them tackle to tackle that no one averaged more then two-yards per carry in there. They are extremely big inside and big at tackle. They are very quick at end. They are very competitive in the secondary and at linebacker. On offense you have a veteran quarterback. He has shown what he can do and can give people fits. This football team, the coaching staff has them flying. They played that way in the preseason. I think we will have to play the game of our life to hang in there with them."

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