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Joe Gibbs Monday Press Conference

On how they played on special teams this week against Houston:

"We felt like we were very solid in all of our phases. Our punter, Derrick (Frost, #4), was outstanding. He had a 48 yard net and a 56 yard average. We were also proud of our 46 yard field goal. We were solid all the way around. Our negatives were that we had big penalties. That first penalty, and its real close there when you look at it whether it is going to be called or not but it was called, was 30 yards. Rarely on special teams do you just get a five or 10 yard penalty. It is normally going to be a lot of yards. In this case it was 30. The players that got special recognition from the coaching staff were Derrick, he had a heck of a day, Khary (Campbell, LB #50), James Thrash (WR, #83), John Hall (K, #10), Vernon Fox (S, #39) and Sean Taylor (S, #21)."

On Sean Taylor (S, #21) covering kickoffs:

"It is obviously a pretty admirable thing. You have your starting safety that everyone talks about being someone that is considered a star. For him to be covering kickoffs, like that I have always said that is more impressive to me then some of the things he does on defense."

On how they played defensively against Houston:

"We played physical and we hustled. In the second half we had two takeaways which was great for us. Time of possession was on our side. Both ways we did a great job of making that possible. Our ball disruptions were great. They were at 27%, which is excellent for us. We did not give up any explosive runs. We set the tempo in the second half with a three-and-out, which is a big deal. We struggled some in that area in our first two games. The negatives were the three penalties. Two of them were on third down, which continues to hurt us. We gave up two explosive pass plays and the opening drive was a real negative for us. The guys that got special recognition for us on defense were Marcus (Washington, LB, #53), Cornelius (Griffin, DT, #96), Sean Taylor (S, #21), Warrick Holdman (LB, #57), and Carlos Rogers (CB, #22)."

On how they played offensively against Houston:

"Our pluses on offense were that we rushed for 234 yards with 5.7 yards per carry. That was outstanding. Our third downs jumped up, which is one of the big things we talked about, to 69%. We had another excellent two minute drive, which we have had in all three games this year. Every time we have gone to a two minute drive it has been exceptional. Obviously everyone has talked about Mark (Brunell, QB, #8). He had 22 straight (pass completions), an 80% (completion percentage), zero sacks and no interceptions. What an outstanding day for him. We are really proud of him. On the fumble he got hit but stood in there and fought all day long. We had long drives, a 91-yard drive, a 74, 82 and a 78. Time of possession was definitely on our side. The negatives were penalties. We had eight penalties, five holding, one taunting and two false starts. The taunting was not much. It is a new rule that they put in where you can't get in anyone's face. To be quite truthful, it was pretty minimal. We had one fumble which was a big deal for us. The guys who got special recognition for us on offense were Mark, (Antwaan) Randle El (WR, #82) who played outstanding and had a heck of a game, Clinton (Portis, RB, #26), Ladell (Betts, RB, #40) had a big day rushing the football and the offensive line. Anytime you have that kind of day you have special recognition for those guys (the offensive line) across the board."

On Mark Brunell (QB, #8) and his ability to ignore the adversity and have a big day against Houston:

"One of the things we admire about him is his toughness and the classy way he handles everything. In a team setting, all of us think Mark is tough. In both years he has played with bad hamstrings. He is a tough guy and is a very good leader. He is a classy person and he seems to handle all of that, which you are going to at quarterback. When the team struggles, the quarterback gets singled out. It is just part of the NFL and what is going to happen to you. Mark in this case bounced back and had a very solid game. He had his jaw set and went back out there. That is the way great competitors rise up and answer things."

On how good it was to get a win after going winless in the pre-season and losing the first two games of the regular season:

"Everybody was down. You lose four pre-season games, which we were hoping to win some of those for sure. Then we lose two games in the first part of the year. One of them came down to the last play and the other one you lose to Dallas and play a tough rivalry at their place. Speaking for myself and all the players, we really appreciate our fans the way they stick with us and support us. It is tough on everybody in the organization when something like that happens. We got off to a tough start. With everything that happened to us I think it is a real positive that we went out (and won). One thing I will say about our guys is that we give excellent effort and we try to play physical every week. That is a big part of what this group has done for three years. There was one game in there where we felt that didn't happen. This game was an example too. We get down and the guys came rallying back .You can see the effort on the field."

On if in future games he will look downfield more or just stick with the short passes that he used against Houston:

"I don't think anybody in the NFL would try to live with short passes. Based on the defense you are playing sometimes those things will come up a lot. In this game they did. Certainly we need to be balanced. We need to get the ball downfield. It so happens that many times what the defense plays is what you take. The best way to operate in the NFL is to try not to pre-determine what you are going to do."

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