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Joe Gibbs Monday Press Conference

On how the team played against the Giants:

"The best way to describe it for us is that it wasn't Redskin football and that is all the way across the board. We are used to making things happen on special teams and we really didn't. Defensively, we are used to stopping the run and making things happen over there for us and we didn't. On offense we are used to, at least the two weeks previous to this is what I am referring to, when we have things going the way we like to have them going we like to run the football and get the ball to our playmakers. All the way across the board we didn't play Redskin football. When we get away from that, and we are not abiding by those principals, it is hard for us to win football games. I was hoping that after those two good weeks that there would be something we could duplicate and stay after but for whatever reason we couldn't get it done in this game."

On the injury to John Hall (K, #10):

"Our biggest concern is John Hall. It kind of started with fatigue of his leg. During the week we looked at that and got towards the weekend and we were going to have him kickoff but we decided on Saturday that if he wasn't feeling good that it would be best to have Derrick (Frost, P, #4) kickoff. In the game it just gradually progressed. He felt like it went from his thigh area to his groin. There is a real concern for us today."

On being 0-2 in the division after playing at Dallas and at New York:

"If I had picked out a place where it would be hard to win, I would pick those two places. Those are two good football teams in their town. It is certainly not something that we like. Those were two that we really wanted. It is a disappointment for us the fact that we have two losses in our division. The only thing, and what I talked to the team about a long time today, is that we still control everything. We play Philly twice and they are red hot right now. They are playing great football. We have Dallas and the Giants here. We don't like being 0-2 or 2-3. That is why each one of these things is critical and the game I am worried about is the next one. I think it will take a great effort from us. We have to be very well prepared. We are playing a football team that has gone for four straight onside kicks before and are willing to go for it on fourth down any place on the field. I think they will pull out all the stops and will certainly play a great game against us just like they did last week against Indy. That is our preparation and thought. We have to find a way to really focus and concentrate and it has to be the next one. That is what we have to try and get."

On why he feels the offense struggled this week after putting up 36 points against Jacksonville:

"Some of those things are not explainable. It can happen every week. One week does not guarantee you the next week. You can play real well and then the next week if you don't have it going your way and you are not playing great football, Redskin football for us, then you get in trouble. That is exactly what happened up there. You can list all the things: tough place to play, real good football team, but really and truly that is what you have to understand up here. There is no team that can't beat any other team. Everybody has real good coaches and football players. It is week to week. You have to be ready every single week and play at the top of your game every week. I felt like we did play real good football for two weeks in a row and I was hoping that we were on a roll. It just goes to show you that yesterday was a tough day for us."

On if he would attribute some of the problems to the absence of Shawn Springs (CB, #24):

"I wouldn't say that at all. We have a lot of good football players. From time to time you miss players. Certainly Shawn being out, we would love to have him. Football teams all the time go for weeks without people. That is why you work so hard as an organization to have the depth knowing that from time to time you are going to miss real good players. We miss Shawn but I don't think that is any excuse for anything that has happened to our defense. We would love to have him and we are hoping he gets back here pretty quick. Certainly it would be a lift for us but I don't want to lay the blame there."

On if Shawn Springs (CB, #24) could play next week:

"He has been working out and he ran real well last week. Our hope is to get him some work out there and see how he feels this week."

On the big plays that the defense has been giving up:

"It is obviously troubling and I think the defense would tell you that, too. I think it was more than just big plays yesterday. Rushing the football against us is not good either. If there has been one central thing that we would like to improve upon it would be the big plays down the field on us. How do you improve upon it? I think you work your guts out and hope you get better pass rush scheme-wise. I would like to put pressure on the quarterback. I think that is probably the area over the first five weeks that we would like to improve."

On the offense:

"I would just say that we did not operate. It was a little bit of everything. We would like to rush the ball for more yards than we did. When the opportunities came we were not good on first down. We were in a lot of second and long. When you get in second and long you have problems. When you are not operating that is kind of what happens."

On Brandon Lloyd's (WR, #85) lack of production:

"It is hard to explain. He is out there and on every route. The quarterback normally has a read and key where he is going. He is playing a ton and probably when we are really operating he will get the ball."

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