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Joe Gibbs Monday Press Conference

On the Redskins-Saints game in general:

"I think it is a testimony to our players with everything they have been through this year to go and play a game like that against a very good football team. I was really proud of our guys. They had a lot at stake and our guys were playing for pride. Obviously there are a lot of other things besides pride. We want to look good and set a standard down the stretch. The last four weeks we wanted to set a game plan for ourselves and get back to what we should look like and how we should play. I was really proud of our guys. Hopefully all the fans out there thought that way too. They played extremely hard and it was all the way across the board."

On how they played on special teams against the Saints:

"We won in every single category on special teams. That was a huge deal for us. We have worked extremely hard and I think we have a great group of teams guys. We have two great return guys that are playing at the top of their game. Derrick (Frost, P, #4) had a great punting average. Shaun (Suisham, K, #6) has kicked seven straight field goals. We are operating on special teams. Twelve of the 13 weeks we have had a big play over there. Special teams is extremely important to our whole football team and how we feel about ourselves. Our net punting was over 43 yards and we had three inside the 20. Rock (Cartwright, RB, #31) is doing a great job. Our starting yard line was the 27 and theirs was the 25. We really hustled on special teams."

On how they played defensively against New Orleans:

"The defense was flying around. That is one of the most high powered offenses and they have been consistent all year. They have a quarterback that is at the top of his game. They have a lot of playmakers. The defense is playing extremely hard and physical. We played extremely hard. We only allowed 10 points which is a big deal against a team that is that explosive. They had a total of 270 yards and they had been averaging 417 yards per game. They had 71 yards rushing, which is a cornerstone for us. If we can stop the run and then we run, that is Redskins football. Then we have to make explosive and skill plays on offense and in the secondary, which I think we did in this game. Their quarterback rating was way down from what it had been. We had no defensive penalties. On fourth down we had a huge play and we had an interception, too. They had some skill guys that we did a good job of defending. Our third down percentage needs to be better and we gave up three explosive passes."

On how they played on offense against the Saints:

"We rushed the ball extremely well. We are excited about that. We had a late drive at the end where we ate up a little over six minutes, which is a big deal for us. The first half we started extremely quick which as been a big deal for us. We had 245 yards at halftime. We had four 20-yard plays and more importantly in this game we had 18 plays that were 10 yards or more. That says we are getting back that explosion. We had eight runs and ten passes over 10 yards. The negatives were that we had a sack, two penalties and the ball on the ground twice. We have to be careful of that. I will make a big emphasis when our guys get back in here. We also need touchdowns in the red area."

On Jason Campbell (QB, #17):

"What Jason has done the last two weeks, which is one of the best things you like to see in the quarterback, is the fact that he is throwing deep. We hit three plays two weeks ago and in this week he had a chance to hit Santana (Moss, WR, #89). He made a perfect throw. That could not have been off two feet one way or the other or they would have batted that ball out of there. Another thing that he has done very well is throwing the crossing route. There are some things in there that we need to improve, particularly when he gets out of the pocket, trying to get his feet set, he threw some balls that came up short. The fact that he is throwing the ball deep for us helps us across the board."

On kicker Shaun Suisham (#6) and if he is concerned with the kickoffs:

"We were trying to directionally kick. He got that thing out of bounds and it kind of shook him up some. Thank goodness it didn't shake him up on the field goals. On kickoffs he wasn't very effective. The reason he is here is because he has a very good leg. Hopefully, we will improve the kickoffs."

On why he thinks the defense is playing better now:

"The things that stood out for me was they had great effort. Another thing is that in the secondary we got our hands on a lot of balls. That is something we have had trouble with this year and we have given up big plays. I felt like our guys in the secondary made great plays. They were aggressive and going for the ball. A couple other balls were close to being intercepted and they were knocking balls down. We played the ball in the air better than we had been playing."

On Clinton Portis (RB, #26) and Ladell Betts (RB, #46):

"We feel great about those two guys carrying the ball for us. They have been good partners in the past. Clinton leads off and Ladell has obviously had a huge portion of our offense. Certainly what he is doing this year has been great for him and great for us. That reflects on everything for next year. Clinton is our guy that has rushed for a ton of yards for us and Ladell has a huge role for us. I think there is room for having two very good running backs. Ladell can do a lot of other things for us too. He is a heck of a receiver coming out of the backfield. He made a couple of great plays on the sideline when he got his hands on the ball on a check down route. He has been extremely aggressive. He has some goals for himself there. He has made a real statement about himself and what he is capable of doing."

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