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Joe Gibbs On Drafting Sean Taylor, April 24

Opening Remarks:

"I think a number of things went through my mind. But number 1, you have so many players there that I think it's a very good draft. Obviously there are ten players there that you look at and think it would be really great to have all those guys. You go through that process. As we brought it down, it came to the fact that I think Sean really fits well with us. I think his athletic ability and the fact that he can cover a lot of field back there really gives you a lot of freedom up front. We think he matches up well with some people we play in this division. Our defensive coaches think he can come down and play man-to-man on slots and that kind of thing. He's physical but I think the biggest thing is he covers the field. He's a very talented guy and can really add a lot to our football team."

On the draft process so far:

"I think we were well prepared and our guys have done a great job. I am real anxious to get back in there because we are trying to do a few things still that will help the football team. I'm still looking forward to the latter part of this draft and maybe doing some other things to help the football team."

On not selecting Kellen Winslow, Jr.:

"I'm kind of freaky for tight ends. I love tight ends. Certainly, we think Kellen Winslow is a terrific player and is going to be a terrific player wherever he goes. Obviously, he was a strong consideration for us. But we thought for our football team, and believe me we went through every last detail, and in the end our choice needed to be Sean. We felt like he would be the guy to help our football team the most."

On Sean Taylor:

"The things that probably impressed me the most were when we got out the championship game (tape) against Ohio State two years ago and he had two fabulous plays in there and not only that, he was all over the place. A couple of times, when people break the line of scrimmage on the far side of the field he covers ground going to that stuff like you wouldn't believe. He can really run. Safety is a place where you're trying to say that has to be an unusual person there I think, and we felt like he was very unusual and that could really add to the football team. I'm hoping our defense is going to be the kind of defense where we feel we're relaxed on offense."

On Taylor being the type of player he considers a Redskin:

"I think that he's all football. He's football smart. He sat in the meetings with the defense when he was here. We feel as a workout guy and the way he looks he'll be a good Redskin guy from that standpoint. He said he was excited about coming here. You wouldn't invest in somebody like that unless you thought they were going to be a good Redskin."

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