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Joe Gibbs On First Day of Training Camp

Opening Statement:

"I think the most impressive thing of the day was our fans. Kind of an amazing group really, to think that they would stand out there in the heat like that, all of them are perspiring as much as the players are. I really appreciate them. I wish we could spend more time with them and sign all the autographs they want. But it is hard right now because we are on such a tight schedule. Hopefully fan day we'll get a lot more of that done but I really appreciate them. I think our first day on the field there wasn't any glaring injures. I think with Mike Sellers, we are a little worried about his ankle but I think he's going to be okay. The first day was rough, kind of to be expected."

On comparing the second practice to the first:

"I think its kind of hard to tell. In the morning it was running game emphasis so that's going to be a little rougher. Passing is where we have been spending more of our time so it's probably ahead of where we are running game wise."

On Sean Taylor's status:

"I don't know. I think we will keep going day by day and whenever he thinks he's ready and the trainers think he's ready we'll go with it."

On Clinton Portis:

"Clinton is extremely tough. I think he has very good hands and I think that's something a lot of people have might have overlooked just because he's such a good runner. He can hit the home run, if he gets in the open, he can go."

On Portis's personality:

"I think he's all football. He's so focused, he loves it. He has a good sense of humor. He's been really fun to work with."

On his view of practice today:

"The fans kind of shocked me. I haven't been here when we had this kind of get together. There seems to be much more people and be more intense. I guess it's because we're in Washington. It kind of felt like we were going to be rough, with the first day with everybody in pads. The running this morning I felt like we were very rough there. There were exchange problems. We don't have a lot of time. We play in a week. You feel pressured and you feel rushed."

On what impresses him about Fred Smoot's character:

"His sense of humor. Fred keeps everyone going. I don't care whether it's off the field, on the field, warm-ups. He always has some kind of joke, comment, or he's making fun of someone. He's probably making fun of me, I just haven't heard it yet."

On Gregg Williams:

"Gregg is extremely well organized. He's very confident, and has a lot of confidence in what he's doing over there. He's got a style of play that's been very successful. Hopefully that carries over to the Redskins."

On being back on the field with Don Breaux and Joe Bugel:

"I think on offense it's a little bit like an old shoe, we kind of fell into it again. We started right off arguing in the meeting rooms [laugh]. We have our share of heated discussions. We have a lot of stories we share."

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