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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

Opening statement:

"First I want to say congrats to Coach Holmgren, I think they did a terrific job this year and I told him that on the field. And I wish them the best. There a real classy outfit. As far as our team goes, I told my players that I couldn't be prouder of them. They fought extremely hard all year. I appreciate them taking me with them. They laid it on the line, every single week. I felt like today was just one of those days. It was very hard fought, a tough crowd, they (the fans) did a great job, they did there part, they were tough on us. I think field position was an issue and not being able to get enough plays when we needed to. But I was really proud of our players. And that's what we talked about in our locker room."

On what he told his players at halftime, only down 7-3:

"I thought that we would continue to fight. We needed to make a few more plays. To me, it was about field position in the first half. That was tough. We lost a couple of players. Taylor Jacobs came out for quite awhile. That took us down again at receiver. Ray Brown had to come out, couldn't play for the middle portion of the game, that put us in a bind too. Overall, I think it was just one of those days. We put it all on the line today, we just couldn't get it done. And you have to give them (Seattle) a lot of credit."

On his thoughts on the problems at offense for the second straight game:

"That is my responsibility. Obviously, I think we want to be more productive than what we were in the playoffs. I think each year we try to look hard at everything, and that will be one of the things we look hard at. Offensively, how can we do a better job."

On why the offense lacked success on third downs and how it affected the team:

"It was tough in the first half. We did such a good job of it at our place in the first go-round, and was third downs. We just had a tough time of it in the first half. I think that it was a little bit of everything. I think it was pass protection. I think you have to give them (Seattle) a lot of credit. I think that hurt us. I think in general, we were backed up and could not get the ball out of there."

On if the injuries the last two weeks catch up with the team:

"You're never quite sure how that works. I don't think you have excuses up here. There are some facts that go along with it. We did lose some guys. But certainly that hurts us. But I think we have got leaders that mean a lot to our football team. At the same time you have to realize that's part of what we do as a football team. It's a very physical game, sometimes people get hurt. I'm just thankful the players we got and the kind of character they have. I told them I could not be prouder of them. I felt how hard they were fighting today. It was a tough assignment there. And it kind of tells you why people fight so hard for home field advantage. That was a tough environment today and that's the way it's suppose to be when you go on the road. Generally for us I think that our football team has got a lot to it and a lot of character. Some of the guys have mentioned offseason, some of the things we need to do. We have to go to work right away. We have a lot to do in the offseason. We have to try and hold everything together."

On if the team failed to seize the opportunity when Alexander went out of the game:

"Obviously I think they have a great football player. They have excellent football players, period. Like we do, backing people up. I'm not sure, you would have to talk with them to see how much that hurt them. I don't look at it as much as one player going out of there, as what we could make of it."

On his thoughts on not getting a lot of points after getting three turnovers:

"I think certainly that's what kept us in the game. I thought that we had a chance there. Particularly us not kicking the field goal there, to go 17-13. It was just one of those days. I think they made some key plays. I think that we made some plays, but not nearly enough."

On what was the difference for this team today with the offense:

"It's kind of hard to put your finger on it. There are a lot of things that you could sit here and make excuses about or something. But I don't feel that way. I feel like that is my responsibility to get it done here, regardless of what the situation is. I think that we play real good football teams. And we weren't productive as what we wanted to be. I think that kind of rests with me."

On his overall thoughts on the season:

"I certainly think that we accomplished a lot this year. Our football team last year was 6-10. I think that the facts kind of speak for themselves, where we wound up on defense and where we wound up on offense. Offensively we made a huge jump there. I think that we got a lot of good things done. So hopefully you never know what's going to happen, but our goal is to keep everybody together. We have a lot to do here. To try and get ready for next year and continue to add to our football team. And to continue to build something. I know that we have the right kind of character and the right kind of players to build around. So that will kind of be our goal for the offseason, to keep everybody together. And continue to add to our football team, people, schemes, anything that could help us to be a better football team."

On his thoughts on how Seattle played:

"Obviously playing at home provided great enthusiasm for them. They played excellent football all the way across the board. They had a heck of a year. I think they are extremely well coached. I think they have good schemes. You don't win 13 games up here and not be a premier team. My hats off to them, they did a great job today and I told Coach [Mike] Holmgren that."

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