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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

On the Patriots:

"From a Redskins standpoint the 1st thing for us to do is give a thumbs up to New England, I think they have a heck of a football team and played very well tonight and you have to give them a lot of credit and so we do that."

On the play of the Redskins:

"We are going through a real tough time, and the way you get out of this is all together I think that our group here has been a really hard working group, I think we have a lot of character on our team and we are being tested, I think when you go through tests like this you find out what you are made of."

On how much of a step backwards tonight's game was:

"I don't know how to look at a game like that. We have had three tough games and our group is a really hard working bunch of guys they worked hard this week and you can't fault our guys for hard work. It's just right now we are not playing well. We haven't in pre-season so the biggest thing for us is getting out of it. I know those guys in the locker room, I been through a lot with them and I know what type of guys are in there so that part of it is good for us and we are all going to have to pull together."

On the past pre-seasons you have had 1-4 starts and then had a very good year do you draw on that:

"I have not addressed that I haven't really thought about that. I just have been trying to concentrate on each week and trying to get our team ready each week and trying to get our team ready for the best thing we think is right for our team, and trying to get us playing good football. Teams are a lot like individuals, it kind of hard to try and figure, and put your finger on it. I do know our players. I feel good about that and if we are going to be in a tough time I like being in a tough time with these bunch of guys."

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