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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

Opening Statement:

"We finish up preseason and that is certainly not the way we wanted to play. But I think we took some precautions tonight. We have to find a way in eight days here to play well. Just like everyone else we want to try and win ballgames."

On whether tonight's performance will make cuts easier or harder:

"I think we will learn from every film. Some guys stood out in my mind, Todd (Collins, QB, #15) with a bunch of young guys in there, I thought that was stellar. You learn things, even though it didn't go well."

On preseason:

"I don't know if I am an expert on that. For me, I get disappointed and to me our fans are what are important. You want to look well and play well in front of them. We didn't in preseason. The other team is over there doing the same thing. They are not showing exactly what they want to show."

On if he's relieved preseason is over:

"Yes, certainly. As a coach you hold three guys out because they were sore in practice the last day. Earlier in the season you play some guys and a couple of them get nicked in there and the whole time your kind of walking on egg shells, but everyone is doing the same thing. People beat us, they beat us. I give thumbs up to Baltimore."

On the three quarterbacks:

"We feel real good about our quarterback situation. I think Mark is the guy we are counting on to win ballgames for us. I think Jason in preseason stepped up. Todd didn't really get to play much. After his two touchdown passes that dropped, I walked over to him on the sideline and said to him, Show me that you've got something.' I mean you learn things from that."

What good things can you take from the game and the preseason?

"We have to look at the film, but the preseason is over; our only focus is Monday night. We are going to have to play great. We have not played good in preseason but we have a good group of guys that work hard and understand what's at stake."

Did you get out of the first unit what you wanted to see going into the season opener?

"We held out some of our key offensive weapons, so we really didn't get to see our first team offense. We know the areas in which we need to improve, and I'm confident in our coaching staff and players to make the proper adjustments."

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