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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

Opening Statement:

"For us, we made a bunch of plays today. We've had two tough road trips. We made too many mistakes today and we hurt ourselves. We have a smart football team and they understand it. We've been turning the ball over and we've not been getting turnovers. That formula will kill you. It's not just that, though. You never lose a ball game on one play. I feel bad for two of our guys who turned it over. They're two of our best Redskins with the best hearts. I know their sick about it-we all are. But on the road against real good football teams, you can't afford mistakes. We made a bunch of good plays, but not enough."

On the turnover margin:

"From our first three wins, we won three in a row and we came out on the negative side of turnovers. I have to do some creative thinking about it. We emphasize a lot of stuff, including turnovers. Maybe there's a creative thing we haven't thought of to get our guys schooled up in practice."

On Rock Cartwright's turnover:

"Clinton's been playing his guts out right now and he was nicked some, too. We knew we had to play Rock. I thought he was going to have to play a bunch. I feel so bad for Rock, he's a great Redskin and a great guy. He's one of our most important players. He's a great special teams guy."

On losing the game despite dominating in statistical categories:

"The statistics are something that we don't pay attention to. We want to win football games. Hopefully what it does is it gives the team confidence when they go back to look at the film tomorrow. They know they can make plays. Defensively, the Chiefs made a couple big plays on us. It'll have to be a study thing for us. We have to learn from it. It can be a great teaching tool. And it puts added importance on next week going back home after two tough road trips. My hat's off to the K.C. fans, they made things tough. We've played in some tough environments so far. We'll be glad to get back home."

On Chiefs defensive end Jared Allen:

"Well, we certainly had great respect for him. They have great players over there and I think he probably had a heck of a day. We'll have to look at the film before I can really comment on it.

On LaVar Arrington's playing time in the game:

"I've already updated everybody on that. I've said what I feel. I have great confidence in our defensive staff and at the point they feel like when he can go in there, he'll go in there."

On Ryan Clark's injury:

"On late Friday afternoon, Ryan complained about some pressure under his ribs. He wound up with a bruise there. I don't know how he got it, but he's had it for a while. At that point, we decided to proceed with caution."

On Santana Moss's 78-yard touchdown catch in the third quarter:

"I thought it was one of the prettiest plays I've ever seen. We found a hole there and it went for long yardage. He's a playmaker, that's for sure. I think he had a ton of yards today. That's the encouraging thing for us. He makes plays."

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