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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

On the overview of the game:

"It's funny what you get to look forward to. You get one day off, we get to have some fun tomorrow. It was a total team effort. They really fought hard on both sides. There were some big plays involved. I felt our biggest concern there was Mark Brunell (#8, QB) on the pass rush there that he got hit low. He hurt his knee and tried to come back off of it and couldn't. We'll see what develops here over the next week. Patrick Ramsey (#11, QB) went in there and did a heck of a job. He had a big pass play. Our defense slugged it out all day. Special teams were slugging. It was just hard fought. It was a big east, tough deal. The guys were really going after each other. I'm Really proud of our guys. I think as much as anything it's their character. It says a lot about how hard they work. They started all the way back in the off-season. They had fantastic attendance there. They keep fighting."

On Mark Brunell's injury (#8, QB):

"We'll have to wait for a couple of days and see."

On Clinton Portis' touchdown pass (#26, RB):

"It's something that we worked on and we had in the game plan. We felt that we had tossed the ball quite a bit and it just fit in. He's very accurate. It's only the second time we've let him throw it. He hit the one last year and he hit the one this year."

On Santana Moss (#89, WR) getting the ball more:

"We always try to get him in the game plan. We always try to get him the ball. Last week he only had three catches but they were all big. He was one of the keys to us offensively and we try to work hard to get him the ball."

On bouncing back from the 36-0 Giants loss:

"I don't think it's anything we did coaching wise or anything. I think it's our players. I called our players last night and told them we don't win with X's and O's. Everybody up here does good stuff. All the coaches up here are good at what they do. It's the attitude they come with. Last week there was no reason for us to play that good against Dallas. I think it was attitude. Our players don't like to get beat. I think that was the first time that we got manhandled by somebody in the regular season. We got manhandled in the preseason and that was by St. Louis. I think our guys just took it upon themselves. They knew what needed to be done and they knew they needed to play hard. And there was the fact that they beat us so badly and it's to their credit."

On Patrick Ramsey (#11, QB) entering the game:

"We've talked all year long and I told him that he's one play away. He's in one of the most important positions on our football team; I've always felt like. That's the reason that during the year we put a lot of attention into our quarterbacks, what kind of depth we have is a very big deal. Here is one of the biggest games I've ever been at and Patrick Ramsey (#11, QB) has to go in and try and win it for us. That's how important that second position is. I've appreciated how Patrick has handled the situation all year. He's handled the situation as well as anybody could. It says a lot about him and his character I think. He stepped in and made some plays for us."

On using two timeouts when Patrick Ramsey (#11, QB) went in:

"It was a concern but we had some personnel issues there. We thought we had a package in the game and one of the players had taken himself out. We didn't know it and that caught us off guard. On the second timeout we had another personnel issue where we had the wrong package in the game."

On the 72 yard pass to Santana Moss (#89, WR):

"It's a play, like most of our passes, where there were three different things you can hit. I saw that they had singled Santana and so that was part of the play that was designed for him. Patrick Ramsey (#11, QB) made a good read. There isn't anybody who has better long ball reactions than Santana. He turned around and snatched that thing from I don't know where. His long ball reaction is just phenomenal. Last week was a good example too."

On single coverage of Santana Moss (#89, WR):

"You aren't going to be able to double somebody all the time and that one just came up. I think that they were good on defense. They were very tough and smart. They made it tough on us. We had some trouble running early but our guys just stayed after it. In that particular case if they had gone and doubled over here we would've gone to the other side. You're trying to pick the best spot with the least amount of coverage."

On Ray Brown (#67, OL):

"I'm just guessing as of right now but he had a real solid performance. The thing about Ray is that he's not going to panic. He's been around forever. He has a great story. He's a guy who's able to play like that and start on our football team and started last year for us at tackle. It's a pretty unusual story and he's a pretty unusual person. He's been given a good body but with him it's about his character also."

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