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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

On the game:

"For me, I'm just proud of our team. I really want to say a big thanks to our fans. It just seemed like there was electricity out there. When I think back over the game, it was just hard fought, very physical by both teams. I'm very proud of our players to bounce back after what happened last week. Right now we have one loss in the division and one loss in the NFC. It was the first time we've beaten them in a couple of years."

On the team play:

"We gave out a game ball to everybody but gave a special one to Doc (Derrick Dockery, OL, #66) who got all the way down the field and recovered that ball. It wasn't any one person who contributed, it was the whole team. One of the things I was proudest of, if you had asked me Monday, there were six of these guys I would have said wouldn't have played. There were things like Phillip Daniels (DL, #93) was running on the treadmill at 1:30 yesterday to get ready for this game. I thought we were going to miss seven or eight guys. I think it was a tribute to their character and to our team."

On the importance of this game:

"I had this game pegged, as if we lost it, our backs were going to be against the wall the rest of the way. We're at the half way and we still have a brutal schedule. What it does, it gives you a lift. At least we have two wins in our division. Everybody we play down the stretch has a good team."

On the toughness of the first half schedule:

"I go all the way back to preseason, that preseason was brutal. The teams we played were good. Our division has real good teams who are extremely well coached. They have real strong programs going. I don't know how to rate it, I just know being 5-3 right now is pretty good. We had a lot of people contributing tonight. It was a total team, not just one star."

On winning the close games this season:

"I would hope it is because of some of the people we have added. They are making some plays, some key plays. When you start winning some close ones, it seems like the momentum swings, you start feeling like you're going to win those. I think what you can say about our team, anybody can beat us on any given day and we can beat anyone on any given day. It's going to be that kind of a year the rest of the way. It's hard for me to envision us getting back up and playing hard next week but that's what we're going to have to do."

On the effect Terrell Owens (WR, #81) would have had:

"I don't know. Greg Williams would probably be a better person to talk to about that. But I don't really know what would have happened."

On Mike Sellers (HB, #45):

"The best way to put this, he loves football. I think he was one of those guys born to play football. He's a real good athlete for a guy that big. I told him earlier in the week because Robert (Royal, TE, #88) was out, "Mike, we're going to call on you to do a lot in this game". And I can't think of anyone who relishes that role like he does. I'm glad he's getting some recognition and people are getting to know his name.'

On Chris Cooley (HB, #47):

"He made numerous plays for us. He's a guy who I thought, last week, was seriously hurt. We took him in, X-rayed him, and he refused to come out. I did not think he was going to be able to play. He came out and said he was practicing Wednesday. He is a playmaker. He can make a catch, he can make a play. He's the perfect H-back for us."

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